Add a new VPN user in the MyRackspace Portal

  • Last updated on: 2019-10-22
  • Authored by: Trevor Becker

Adding new client VPN users is now an automated task within the MyRackspace Portal. This article describes how to add a new VPN user by using a ticket template.

Create a ticket in the MyRackspace Portal

  1. Log in to the MyRackspace Portal by using your username and password.

  2. In the top navigation bar, click Select a Product > Dedicated Hosting.

  3. Select Tickets > Create New Ticket.

  4. On the Create New Ticket page, click the Subject field, and in the drop-down menu, select VPN User Management - add, reset, delete VPN user(s) on firewall(s).

  5. Check the box next to Create new VPN user on firewall.

  6. In the Firewall drop-down field, select the appropriate firewall(s).

    a. If you have high availability (HA) firewalls, you may select only one of the two HA firewalls in the drop-down menu. Automation adds the user to both HA firewalls.

    b. If you need to add the VPN user to all firewalls on the account, ensure you select all firewalls in this field.

  7. Enter your desired VPN username in the VPN Username field.

    a. The VPN username is case-sensitive and requires at least three characters.

    b. Do not include the question mark (?) or a space ( ) within the VPN username field.

  8. The Generate Random Password box is checked by default. If you want to add a custom password, uncheck this box.

    After the box is unchecked, the custom password field displays.

    This password must have at least eight characters with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters.

  9. Click Create Ticket at the bottom of the page.

    After the ticket is created, you are redirected back to your ticket list in the MyRackspace Portal. Automation runs in the background while the ticket is created, which typically takes less than a minute to complete. After you refresh your browser, the ticket Create New VPN User on Firewall Request (from template) is in Confirm Solved status.

  10. Retrieve the password for your new VPN user by opening the ticket. The password is in the most recent comment.


VPN user automation currently does not allow for the following modifications:

  • VPN-filters
  • Group-lock
  • Framed IP addresses

If you need changes included in the list of limitations, open a ticket so that Rackspace Support can process your request manually.

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