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  • Last updated on: 2019-08-13
  • Authored by: Milton Prado

We provide our customers with a private label version of MigrationWiz. This means that many features that are present in the full version of MigrationWiz are not readily available. If you choose to, you can use the full version instead. If you are not looking for the features provided by the full version of MigrationWiz, see Migrate your email by using the Self-Service Migration tool for the standard steps.

Benefits of the full version of MigrationWiz


  • Is designed for power users
  • Runs more migration projects at once
  • Shows detailed statistics about the migration
  • Stops migrations
  • Shows the speed and progress of a migration
  • Performs date range migrations
  • Has customizable migrations
  • Can schedule migrations to auto-start

Support and cost considerations

Before deciding whether to use the full version rather than the private label version, consider how that choice affects migration costs and support procedures.

Cost differences

When migrating to Rackspace Email and Apps, users receive the discounted rate of $0 per mailbox only when migrating via the Private Label Portal at

If you purchase licenses through, those licenses are listed at the retail price of $11.99 per mailbox. In order to take advantage of the discounted rate in the full version of MigrationWiz, migrations must be initiated in the Private Label Portal, then used in the full version.

Support differences

Support for the full version of MigrationWiz is available through MigrationWiz support directly through their Contact Form.

Support for the private label version of MigrationWiz is available through the Rackspace Email and Apps Support team.

Steps for accessing the full version of MigrationWiz

Complete the following steps to access the full version of MigrationWiz:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the forgot password link:

    Note: After you reset the password, MigrationWiz automatically logs you into the correct area. However, for any future logins, just go to and log in.

  3. Enter the email address that you used to sign up for MigrationWiz and click Reset Password.

    The system sends a password reset email to that address.

  4. After you receive the password reset email, click the Forgot password link in that email and create a password for your account.

    You are then auto-logged into

  5. Click Go To My Projects to access your migration.

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