WebCorp uses Rackspace Archiving for a Limitless Inbox

The domain development company easily finds every email, when they need it.

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Building proprietary websites on high-value domains

CHALLENGES: Needed a simple way to store email, and to quickly find emails

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Rackspace Archiving, Exchange Hosting, Cloud Servers, and Dedicated Servers

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Saves time, money, and headaches; avoids hassles by quickly finding pertinent email

The Company

Since 1998, WebCorp has been building proprietary websites on high-value domains. “We combine web development with strategy,” says Philip Ferreira, president of the Bay Area-based company. “We go after high-value domain names like Cars.net, Dork.com, and Find.net, and we build a lot of value into them.”

The company has two full-time employees, five part-time employees, and a number of consultants supporting WebCorp’s projects. Ferreira is WebCorp’s developer, handling all the company’s technology issues.

WebCorp has been with Rackspace since 2004. “We’ve been doing this for a long time. We used to have servers, colocation facilities, and dedicated hosting at other companies, and they were just garbage. There was no level of support.”

Ferreira says that he actually found Rackspace on Yahoo, back in the day. “As soon as we found Rackspace, we recognized the superior level of service. We’re a small company, but you’ve really met our needs. You let me just develop and build the website. You take away a big headache.” WebCorp now uses both dedicated servers and Cloud Servers™ for production, on both Windows and Linux.

Rackspace® Archiving Offers a Limitless Inbox and a Clean Desktop

WebCorp has used Rackspace Email since 2006, and recently moved to Hosted Microsoft® Exchange® service from Rackspace. “I absolutely love it,” says Ferreira. “The push technology is great.”

In late 2010, WebCorp began using Rackspace Archiving. The company’s previous archiving solution “wasn’t much of a solution,” says Ferreira. “We were doing it old school. I was manually dropping emails into organized folders, and then using weekly backups or archiving them offsite, using something like Mozy.”

Ferreira decided he needed something easier and more reliable, and signed up to use Rackspace Archiving for WebCorp’s inboxes. “It is really a godsend. It has allowed me to stop worrying, ‘What happened to that email?’ I use it weekly, to go back and pull up a conversation with a partner.”

Rackspace Archiving has meant WebCorp “just [doesn’t] have to worry about email anymore,” says Ferreira. “To know that every email is there gives me peace of mind. It takes another task off my plate. And Rackspace keeps improving the product, too. You guys have even ramped up the speed and the features.”

A Powerful Search Utility

With WebCorp’s success using Rackspace Archiving, Ferreira has added archiving to his company’s other domains. “With the excellent search utility, I know the email is there, and I know I can find it. I don’t have to worry about it.”

He has found organizational benefits, too. “I try to keep my desktop clean, and this allows me to do that—I can clear out all the conversations that aren’t current.”

Ferreira says he uses archiving all the time, and he’s especially impressed with its search utility, which can search across text, attachments, and metadata. “I’ll get an email that won’t be important at the time, and then months later, I’ll need to dig it up, because I need to find a contact for someone interested in a product. Later on I can just put in some keywords—it’s really easy to filter and find things when you need them.”

The Solution

WebCorp’s adoption of Rackspace Archiving was an easy one. “I loaded it up with thousands of emails, going back to 2000. I migrated all of those to the archiving database within two weeks—I had been storing all of those on my own.”

While Ferreira hasn’t encountered any problems with archiving, he loves knowing that Rackspace support is just a click away. “I love the real-time chat. If there are any issues, problems get solved in minutes. A Racker will send me a link, and my problem is solved. In fact, chat was how I first learned about Rackspace Archiving.”

Does Rackspace Archiving save Ferreira time, money, or headaches? “All of the above,” he laughs. “I love the product as a whole, and the search utility is really powerful. That’s the most important part for me.”

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