vWork Relies on OpenStack to Power SaaS Application

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: vWork helps companies coordinate mobile employees, job scheduling and dispatch.

CHALLENGES: An expensive, third-party production environment forced vWork to manage its own data center environment, including costly and time-consuming hardware upgrades and maintenance.

RACKSPACE® SOLUTION: Managed Hosting, Managed OpenStack® Cluster

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Better overall performance of vWork, increased uptime, cost savings, and simplified options for scale-out and scale-up on OpenStack

Rackspace helps reduce IT costs and improve performance.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, vWork is a business tool which helps customers operate their businesses more effectively through web applications in tandem with mobile applications. A SaaS application, vWork provides job scheduling and dispatch for companies with mobile field workers.

Jonathan Hoskin, Infrastructure Architect at vWork explains, “vWork is best suited to businesses with 10 to 100 employees in industries which require the regular scheduling and dispatching of workers. We serve hundreds of customers in a variety of industries, in about 50 countries.”


Before moving to Rackspace, vWork hosted server clusters, in a both a third party data center (for their production environment), as well as in their own data center (for development). “At peak, we had 15 to 20 servers, plus the entire supporting infrastructure that was required,” says Hoskin.

But doing business with local hosting providers in New Zealand also came with a steep pricetag. vWork soon found it was having to manage the SaaS stack, and the hardware underneath it, and it was also faced with the capital purchase of upgrades, new equipment, and maintenance.

The company began evaluating hosting providers based on their ability to scale and support emerging vWorks needs. “We were searching for a reasonable way to control costs, eliminate expense involving physical servers, and outsource all the distractions,” said Hoskin. “Rackspace understood our requirements. We were able to migrate without having to change many of our existing processes or platforms. And Rackspace provided outstanding support throughout the move.”


Now operating on Linux OS and the OpenStack platform, vWork has observed significant upticks in performance. “We have seen increased uptime vs. public cloud, and we have simplified options for scale-out and scale-up on OpenStack,” says Hoskin. “And our developers enjoy more optimally matched automation in our self-service environments.”

With the move to Rackspace, vWork has achieved its goal of reducing complexity and cost in its IT operations and infrastructure. This allows Hoskin and his development team to remain nimble in a fast-growing vertical. 

“I am regularly amazed at how responsive and capable the Rackspace staff is. When we require an infrastructure change at Rackspace, we can get it almost immediately. Our small development team is only viable if we can remain agile, so having infrastructure that behaves the same way is crucial. We’re predicting massive growth this year, so we will be relying on Rackspace to rapidly expand our infrastructure as required.”

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