Tier1 Finds Top-Tier Service at Rackspace

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Consulting and outsourcing services for new and existing Oracle Applications customers

Overcoming downtime and performance issues

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Exchange Hybrid with mobile services

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Simple email management and responsive support

Looking for a Dependable, Responsive Email Host

Many companies using Oracle’s Applications lack the resources or expertise to implement and support the system once it goes into production. For over seven years, Tier1 has been providing IT services for Oracle software services. “We use email for a lot of things. In addition to project work, we operate a help desk for customers. It’s important for us to have dependable email that’s always up and available. There’s a lot of initial communication when a problem arises, and email lets us know when customers are having problems,” says Rob Guidarelli, President of Tier1.

They had already decided hosting was the ideal option and had worked with a few email providers. But, according to Rob, “Our past email providers had lots of downtime and performance issues. Email was frequently delayed and we wouldn’t even know it.” Without dedicated IT resources, “It was important we found a solution that was easy to use, and we could depend on to be there for us,” says Rob.

IMAP Access Seals the Deal

The user base at Tier1 is mobile, like most modern businesses, making IMAP access a requirement for their new email service. “It was important to me to find an offering with an IMAP solution. The nature of our business requires that employees access email from different devices on the go.”

He found Rackspace Email & Apps’ mix of Hosted Exchange and Rackspace Email met all his needs. Our Hosted Exchange offering delivers the full functionality of an in-house Exchange configuration without the maintenance, upgrades, and patching. Rackspace Email is an affordable webmail client with calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and free mobile sync. Rob recalls, “An integrated calendar system was also important. We looked at customer reference stories and pricing, and you had the best of the whole bundle.”

Rob is especially happy with the accessibility of his email data. “The web interface is very easy to use for employees out at customer sites or from customer laptops. We use a number of different technologies—Mac®, BlackBerry®, Windows®, iPhone®, and Palm® phones—and you provide great support for all of them. It’s a fully functional email solution from any computer, anywhere,” Rob says.

Solid Email Service That’s Easy to Manage

“It’s that easy. You don’t have to be technical to manage it. Everything is very simple to use. We’re hiring a lot of people right now. It’s so easy I can have my assistant go in and set up new mailboxes, and add new users. It’s very simple from an admin perspective,” says Rob. &#x2028&#x2028They’ve been able to take advantage of having a solid email solution by converting invoice distribution to an email process, and saving all that paper. He’s able to do this because, with their Rackspace email hosting service, “We don’t have to worry about messages not going through in a timely manner,” Rob shares.

He gives the Rackspace webmail interface high marks. “Your webmail is equally as good as any mail client out there,” he states. They also use the shared, online calendars for at-a-glance calendar viewing across the domain to quickly schedule meetings.

Fanatical Support® is an integral part of all of our hosting services. Rob states, “Whatever product or service I buy, customer service and responsiveness is the most important criteria. In every company, things go wrong. It’s the nature of the game. But to have a company that will respond quickly, and be as thorough in their responses as Rackspace is, makes all the difference.” When he first got his iPhone, he sent an email to support with some questions and within minutes had an email back with answers to all of them.

Of his overall experience with Rackspace, Rob states, “It’s one less thing I have to worry about. We’re an IT company, but thanks to Rackspace, we don’t need an internal IT department. Knowing our customers have the ability to communicate with us and contact us when they need us, is not something I have to worry about anymore.”

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