Tech Guru Finds Reliable Service and Support with Rackspace

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: IT management and support

CHALLENGES: Finding a responsive and reliable business email hosting provider

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Hosted Microsoft Exchange® for internal email needs and the Rackspace Partner Program to support their customers’ needs

BUSINESS OUTCOME: A more reliable email solution for their customers and access to Fanatical Support® around the clock

Buy Out Forces Reconsideration of Business Email Solution

Daniel Moshe, President of Tech Guru, set out to create a different kind of IT support company. Tech Guru focuses on a holistic, proactive approach to business IT, not just fixing things when they’re broken. Part of their service revolves around recommending and maintaining email service for customers. They realize that managing email servers internally is more trouble than it’s worth, so they made the decision long ago to outsource email to a hosting company.

Unfortunately, their experience with that hosting company wasn’t positive. Daniel reports that the support and service were fine until the hosting company was bought out. When service was outsourced overseas, “The quality of support declined tremendously,” says Daniel. He continues, “Problems weren’t being resolved in a reasonable amount of time. If there was an outage, we couldn’t reach tech support for help. It was a very frustrating experience.”

Even though they were unhappy with their service, they hadn’t planned on changing – until a new service option found them.

Rackspace Delivers Support and Service

After signing a large client with ties to Rackspace, Daniel investigated Rackspace as a solution to their email discontent. Daniel says, “We immediately liked what we saw and switched all of our email and our customers’ email to Rackspace. We love that Rackspace has American-based tech support and the sales team gets high marks.” He reports that getting set up with Rackspace was “a smooth and painless process.”

Daniel signed up with our Reseller Program. Using the program, he can rebrand and sell our email services to his customers. As a reseller, he gets deep discounts on products, marketing support, and training. While they mainly use Microsoft Exchange, the Exchange Hybrid is becoming more popular with his customers. “We haven’t found anyone else that offers something like the hybrid option. It definitely sets Rackspace apart. Our customers save a lot of money with it,” says Daniel.

He is happy with the level of service he’s received from our Fanatical Support team. “Your reps offer the perfect level of support. They alert me of new products and beneficial offerings for me or my clients without being pushy.” The integrated control panel management portal gives him instant access to create or edit mailboxes and view stats and activity, which, according to Daniel, “Makes things so much easier.”

On-Demand Support and Reliability Makes Email Easier

“It’s nice to do business with a company who shares our philosophy on customer service. You have the perfect model for support,” says Daniel. Unlike with his previous provider, Daniel can contact Rackspace’s Fanatical Support for the answers he needs any time. “I love that there’s no automated machine when I call, but a real human. I can get to exactly who I need without having to go through a bunch of channels to get there,” he says. Daniel isn’t the only one at Tech Guru singing our praises. Another employee, Micah Thor, also states, “Rackspace’s customer service is stellar. We get answers right away. It’s really phenomenal.” With each interaction with support, Daniel reports, “The reps make me feel like an important customer that they really want to take care of. They don’t rush me off the phone to get to the next call.”

As a reseller, “I am a big fan of how much Rackspace helps me position products to help my customers,” he states. For Daniel, Microsoft Exchange hosting with Rackspace is more than just having an operational server, “Anyone can sell Exchange, but not the service you offer. Your service differentiates you from everyone else.”

Daniel is adamant about not selling a product he doesn’t believe in, “We use what we sell. We’re proud to use Rackspace’s email hosting services. And, we’re proud to sell it to our customers.”

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