Should You Put Email Archiving in the Cloud?

Benefits and Opportunities of Cloud-based Email Archiving

Modern Business Lives in Email

Email is a vital component of modern business, and today more than ever, your orders, quotes, correspondence with clients and suppliers can all be stored in your email. Promises are made, and work is delivered and stored in the individual email mailboxes for each of your staff. Email today has become a method for having “things in writing,” as emails are progressively viewed as documentary evidence in the same way as a formal letter would have been 10 years ago.

Given the importance of business email, being able to store and easily access, search and retrieve in and outbound email is critical.

In addition, as the dependence on email has grown, so has accompanying legal scrutiny. Poor data retention practices can expose businesses of all sizes and in all industries to a host of potential problems.

What is Cloud-based Email Archiving?

Cloud-delivered email archiving services provide companies of all sizes with an affordable, scalable and feature-rich hosted email archiving service with search and retrieval capabilities. As an on-demand, cloud-powered service, there’s no need to install any additional hardware or software. Within a matter of minutes, you will be archiving your email automatically.

The archiving system is easily searchable and accessible. Archive retention policies can be defined that align with your specific requirements. With access to massive storage capacity, companies can now easily opt to retain a large amount of messages.

Why Archive Your Emails to the Cloud?

One of the concerns that many organizational decision makers express about the use of hosted archiving solutions focuses on the security of their data. Many decision makers fear the SaaS provider may access sensitive corporate data, or that data may be intercepted en route between the customer and the data center where their data is stored.

In reality, security for cloud-hosted archiving services can be at least as robust, if not more so, relative to in-house archiving deployments. Several layers of security measures are employed to help keep customer information secure. The Rackspace Email Archiving solution uses SSL and Department of Defense AES encryption.

Benefits of Email Archiving

Storage Management
An important driver for the deployment of messaging archiving is the technology’s inherent ability to help organizations manage messaging-related storage. A major concern of organizations managing their own email archiving service is the unknown or unexpected growth of email that could dramatically increase their burden and cost of their storage infrastructure.

Cloud-based email archiving allows companies to eliminate this concern by providing all users scalable storage at a single, fixed fee per mailbox.

Preserving Corporate Knowledge is Critical
Because email is the primary way of communication and the main mode of file transport for most organizations, email systems store enormous amounts of corporate knowledge. Organizations that fail to adequately preserve this knowledge face the risk of losing much of the productive work that their employees have generated. By preserving this information, employees and organizations can realize significant benefits, not least of which is the ‘persistence’ of corporate data that can be put to a wide variety of uses.

Email Retrieval
A more recent driver for the use of messaging archiving is electronic discovery. A recent survey of enterprise IT and legal teams reports that 58% of e-discovery requests include email.1 A related application for messaging archiving is litigation support. In this application, an organization can review its relevant email content early in a legal action in order to understand the viability of its position.

Because a growing proportion of most organizations’ business records are stored in email, email messages are increasingly subject to discovery orders during legal proceedings. Organizations must be able to capture, store and readily produce this content.

Rackspace captures and indexes most internal and internet email and makes it quickly discoverable through a simple-to-use web user interface. Access to the search and discovery interface can also be given to outside legal counsel through login provisioning to help facilitate faster discovery.

Why Rackspace Email Archiving?

We use cloud-compute infrastructure for its scalability and reliability. Our unique and differentiated cloud-compute software stack harnesses on-demand CPU and geographically dispersed storage to power archival functions for data ingestion, indexing, search, retrieval and export. Our system uses map-reduce style parallel processing to search very large data sets with sub-second response times. Parallel processing is only possible with cloud-compute CPU, taking advantage of the ability to scale up in real-time so that every customer search experience is quick and there is no waiting for jobs to complete.

Unlimited Storage
Adding archiving to your hosted email service gives you capacity that automatically grows to accommodate storage needs at an additional flat, monthly, per mailbox fee. Regardless of how much email you add, storage continues to scale without the accrual of additional fees. Cloud-based storage allows for continuous data growth without the cost and capacity issues that plague traditional storage architectures.

Ease of Use
With no hardware to buy or software to install, you can be up and running immediately. The simple, intuitive web-based interface allows for easy archive set up and our Fanatical Support® team can provide guidance for you and your staff. Rapid search and retrieval for individuals is available in their personal archive or across the whole archive by authorized users, such as lawyers or compliance officers, without burdening your IT staff.

Data security exists at three levels: physical infrastructure, data encryption, and the application layer. Our infrastructure layer meets rigorous PCI-DSS standards (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Several layers of security measures are employed to help keep customer information secure. Archived data is encrypted and authenticated with Department of Defense AES standards.

Budget and ROI
A fixed cost per user via a simple monthly subscription makes planning easier. Migrating your email data into the cloud allows you to reduce storage and maintenance costs, reallocate or eliminate servers, and trim costs associated with retrieving your email.

Document Retention Requirements
Rackspace Email Archiving can also help customers in their efforts to meet compliance requirements for document retention.

Learn more about business email and email archiving services at or learn how to enable Rackspace Email Archiving now.

Rackspace Email Portfolio

Our email portfolio includes:

  • Rackspace Email:
    Web-based, business email hosting with email, calendars, contacts, and more on your desktop or mobile
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange:
    Advanced Outlook® collaboration and optional push email for your mobile devices
  • Exchange Hybrid:
    Compared to using Hosted Exchange alone, a 50-user company can save 40% by moving half of their users from Exchange to Rackspace Email.
  • Rackspace Email Archiving:
    Email retention and storage service allows you to restore lost email, take advantage of search tools, and protect vital email — without extra software or expensive hardware.


1 Information Retention and eDiscovery Survey Results | January 2013f

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