Rover Apps Moves Beyond GoDaddy

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Mobile security

CHALLENGES: Deliverability issues and unresponsive support with GoDaddy

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Rackspace Email with more features for less

IMAP access for email and sound bulk email policies

Loses Trust in GoDaddy’s Email Service

In order to make better use of mobile technology, Rover Apps’ first product, Rover Retriever, gives small and medium-sized businesses simple, secure mobile access to information behind company firewalls and on internal networks. “From spreadsheets to databases to custom-build applications, there’s still a lot of information left on corporate servers you can’t access from your BlackBerry® or iPhone™. We provide an easy, fast, secure way deploy a mobile intranet — what we call a ‘rovernet’,” said Jeff Garbers, Founder and CTO of Rover Apps describing the purpose behind their business. After thirty years in IT, he’d decided from the outset to use hosting for their website and email needs.

He used GoDaddy for their website and email hosting. “Everything was fine until we realized our emails weren’t going through,” says Jeff. Knowing his way around technology, he knew how to review message headers when emails he sent weren’t being received. “The headers indicated that my messages were being refused by the recipients’ servers. We were blacklisted.” Email providers check incoming messages against aggregated blacklists of known spam offenders’ IP addresses to determine whether to send a message to the inbox, junk folder, or refuse it altogether.

“We don’t want to send a follow up email to a prospect that winds up in the spam folder,” Jeff explains. Mass hosting providers, like GoDaddy, aren’t focused on business email users. They tend to have softer bulk email policies that make it easier for spammers to operate. As a result, GoDaddy’s SMTP servers, the ones Rover Apps relied on to deliver their outgoing mail, can wind up on aggregated blacklists. “We couldn’t trust the outbound mail anymore and we couldn’t get any help,” says Jeff. “Support was usually pretty good, but we contacted them three times and never got a resolution,” he continues.

Rover Apps was ready to step up to worry-free, email focused on the demands of business email users.

Reputation Drives the Best Choice

“I started with Rackspace. I heard the name through their reputation with server hosting. They had a reputation as a trustworthy company that didn’t just cater to the Fortune 500 guys,” Jeff says.

After engaging a sales representative with the online chat feature, he registered a domain to test us out. “The pricing was perfectly reasonable. We sent out some emails and had no deliverability problems. That’s when we decided to switch.” He chose Rackspace Email for all of his mailboxes. Rackspace Email delivers unequaled value. For just $2 per mailbox, per month, users get a robust web-based interface with calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes. And, loyal Outlook users can use Rackspace Email with the Outlook client.

Their GoDaddy service was POP. That meant when they checked email from multiple devices, the changes made on the device weren’t in sync. So, for example, an email opened and read on the desktop would still be marked unread on the laptop. With Rackspace Email, they enjoy IMAP access to sync up email activity across devices for less than they were paying for POP service with GoDaddy. “We were looking for IMAP access so that messages were marked read on the iPhone and in the email client,” says Jeff.

Better Support and Dependable Service

Rover Apps found the email service their business needed at Rackspace. They now have IMAP access, no deliverability issues, and immediate assistance from the Fanatical Support® team if they need help. Part of Jeff’s decision to move to Rackspace was our excellent reputation for support. He can all ready feel the difference in the level of support. “I needed some help on setting up a catch-all address. I opened up a live chat and got the information I needed instantly.” Jeff still hosts his website with GoDaddy, however, he trusts his email to the dedicated email experts at Rackspace.

Because we focus on business email, Rackspace has a rock-solid bulk email policy that limits the volume of email customers can send. We take the reputation of our IP addresses seriously and hold our customers to standards that ensure the deliverability of all of our customers’ email. We also have a team dedicated to monitoring activity and taking the necessary steps to keep our server addresses off blacklists.

“From support to reliability, it just works better,” states Jeff. He continues, “When you have so much to do, you just want your email to work without doubling back or troubleshooting.” With Rackspace, Jeff can concentrate on being an expert on his business, not maintaining the tools he needs to make his business work.

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