Rackspace Rescues MariTool from Deliverability Issues

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: High-quality precision machine tools and accessories

CHALLENGES: Deliverability and availability issues with their previous provider and lack of support for iPhone™

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Rackspace Email with Mobile Sync for iPhone™

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Confidence that emails are delivered to the inbox and a feature-set that better supports business objectives

MariTool Finds Themselves Blacklisted

MariTool relies on technology to drive their organization. In just three years, MariTool has grown from an eBay store into a high-volume manufacturer and distributor of CNC machine tools. Their marketing, sales, and support all revolve around their e-commerce website and email communication. Tom Fetcho, MariTool Project Manager, says, “Even if we were big enough to manage email in-house, we wouldn’t want to deal with that.” Tom saw the drain of managing email internally while working for a large company, “I saw the headaches they went through with email and I’d much rather pay someone else to handle it.”

They were using their website host to service their email needs. “Everything was hosted on a shared server and the service was unreliable,” says Tom. When the servers overloaded, they couldn’t send or receive email. The service also limited them to 5MB attachments, which made sending large files impossible.

MariTool was let down again by the service when their servers were blacklisted—meaning that the server’s IP address was added to a list of addresses that providers use to identify spam. If your IP is blacklisted, you can expect that most of your outgoing mail will end up in your recipients’ spam folders. “No one checks the spam folder, so they’d either think we didn’t respond or we’d have to ask them to check their spam folder, which makes us appear unprofessional,” Tom recounts.

MariTool’s business relies heavily on email communication. Unreliable service and improperly delivered email threatened their central communication tool. They were ready to step up to a dedicated email provider who could protect their professionalism, support their mobile devices, and maintain email availability.

Responsiveness Makes the Decision Easy

Tom looked at several providers online before exploring Rackspace. “I searched online and your service looked impressive,” he says. The price, ease of integration, and uptime commitment caught his attention. The tipping point for Tom was, “When we signed up, the iPhone™ was new. You were the only provider we looked at who supported it.”

Before signing up online, they contacted Rackspace to get a feel for the quality of support. With their previous provider, it could take up to five minutes to get a response to a chat request, but with Rackspace, they got a response “in seconds.” They were pleasantly surprised at how quickly they got a response and signed up.

MariTool uses the Rackspace Email web-based interface and the free mobile sync tool for iPhone. Their new Rackspace Email boxes not only provide an ample 10GB of mailbox space, but also allow them to send and receive up to 50MB attachments.

The transition went smoothly, Tom reports, “We had more difficulty getting our former domain registrar to move our records than setting up our email service.” The clean, familiar layout of the webmail interface made it easy for his employees to start using it on day one, without training.

Fanatical Support® Inspires Loyalty

Over the years, MariTool has remained a loyal Rackspace customer. Along the way, Tom has had many encounters with our Fanatical Support team. Describing his latest experience with our support fanatics, he says, “In all honesty, I have never had such a positive experience with a support staff like I have had today.”

On that day, he called about a problem his friend was having with email. His friend was not a customer, but when he got on the phone with Anarka and Dustin in Support, he got the same thorough service to which he’s grown accustomed. The friend’s email host had inadvertently deleted all of his mailboxes. “He was dead in the water without email. Even though I knew it wasn’t Rackspace’s issue to solve, I thought you might have some suggestions.”

We were able to get his friend new email accounts immediately. The support team went further and helped him troubleshoot issues getting his MX records switched over from the previous provider. “I was expecting to hear, ‘Good luck!’ but instead, I heard, ‘Let’s see what we can do’ and you fixed something that wasn’t really your job to fix,” gushes Tom.

Since moving to Rackspace, Tom has seen the web interface evolve with increasing functionality and expanded mailbox size. He now enjoys five times the attachment size he had with his previous provider and is confident that when he hits “Send,” his email won’t fall into the recipient’s spam folder. “The reliability of the email speaks for itself; it’s the level of support that puts Rackspace over the top.”

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