Rackspace Frees West Arete From Email Burdens

Customer’s Business: Software development

Challenges: Pulling business resources away from spam fighting & email maintenance, and on to their business goals.

Solution: Rackspace Email for responsive support and dependable service.

Business Outcome: Retired a server and discontinued LDAP service.


Solving the Business Email Dilemma

West Arete, a custom software development firm in Pennsylvania, relies on email for critical system alerts. “About half of our email volume comes from system status information. Email is the primary notification vehicle for system alerts; without it, systems could go down and we’d never know,” says Scott Woods, President and Founder of West Arete. Email also serves as a main line of communication to their clients.

Fortunate enough to have a very knowledgeable system administrator, they were able to run email on-premises initially. “Keeping up with email and spam was a big problem. In order to focus on software development, we didn’t want to spend time on that,” Scott says. Like millions of other modern businesses, West Arete decided to try business email hosting. Unfortunately, the bundled email service with their web host and their attempt with Gmail didn’t fully meet their needs leaving them in need of a reliable email to support their business goals.


Rackspace Email Provides Functionality and Support

“None did as good a job as Rackspace for experience and spam detection,” says Scott. After his unsuccessful attempts with other email hosting providers, an internet search led him to Rackspace. “It was a no brainer. I looked around online forums to see what people I knew and trusted were saying. The consistent theme was Rackspace has good service and a good email product.”

They signed up with Rackspace Email. “Rackspace Email completely solved our email problem and it’s a good value for the money.” Each Rackspace Email mailbox includes a full workgroup suite including calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes, all for just $2 per mailbox, per month.

“The icing on the cake is that the interface is easy, we can access email anywhere, and customer support is great,” he says. Rackspace not only helped them solve their email needs, but also provides them with the documentation they need to help their clients. Our Support Site documentation compiles hundreds of how-to articles and tutorials in one convenient place. “Having detailed, step-by-step guides for setting up email clients was incredibly helpful. When we set up new customers and they ask, ‘How do I put it on my phone?,’ we can send them the guide or direct them to an article reducing our support time,” says Scott.


Consolidation and Reduction of Email-related Expenses

Spam is no longer a menace at West Arete. They’ve been able to decommission a server and have no need for an external LDAP service. “We don’t have false positives or downtime, and requests are handled immediately,” gushes Scott. Instead of spending time troubleshooting email hiccups, the team at West Arete can contact Fanatical Support® for assistance around the clock. “I like having several avenues to get support. They can be highly technical for a guy like me or help someone like my Mom, who has limited technical expertise,” explains Scott.

The biggest winner in the move to Rackspace might be the system administrator. “Rackspace freed up a significant portion of his time, so he can work on more unique, revenue-generating projects, not chasing spam and software updates,” says Scott.

“Rackspace provides us with everything we need. It’s rock solid and we never have to worry about it.” Of his experience with Rackspace, he states exuberantly, “It’s the perfect email service.”

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