ProAct Steps Up to Professional Email with Rackspace

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Executive search and management consulting firm

CHALLENGES: Acquisition of company requires rethinking email solution

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Exchange Hybrid option with fast account setup, dedicated transition support, and mobile options

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Easy email system management backed by Fanatical Support®

Free Email Can’t Support Business Needs

After buying the Wisconsin based educational recruiting firm PROACT Search, the new owners realized that the previous owners were using a free web-based email solution for business email communications. Aside from the lack of professionalism of email addresses without a business domain name, the limited features of the particular POP email system they were using provided no support for mobile devices. Thomas Vranas, President of PROACT Search states, “This POP email was not conducive to running a mid-sized company. Things I’d taken for granted in the corporate world like calendars, sharing, and invites, are necessities.”

Accustomed to a corporate IT infrastructure, Thomas acknowledges that, “Trying to build IT infrastructure from scratch was not an appealing idea or the best use of our limited resources.” Since they utilize a variety of interns and contract workers, they also needed the ability to add or delete mailboxes quickly to accommodate staffing changes.

Satisfying Individual User Needs While Saving Money

He was already familiar with the Rackspace name. Upon investigating our email services, he was impressed with the flexibility in product offerings, guaranteed uptime, scalability, and access to around the clock Fanatical Support. He chose the Exchange Hybrid, “to give users what they need instead of buying what they don’t need, and it saves us money at the same time,” says Thomas. With the Exchange Hybrid he can add Rackspace Email and Microsoft Exchange mailboxes on the same domain and manage all of his mailboxes from one Control Panel.

The setup “process was painless.” So painless, in fact, that he was able to get set up in the ATM drive-up line. “While waiting in line to make a deposit in the ATM, I picked up the phone to call you guys for some information. Before I got through the line to make my deposit, our account was setup and we were ready to go.” Unlike other providers, Thomas could start with only the mailboxes he needed and add capacity as the need arises. Some providers enforce mailbox minimums as high as 100 mailboxes to start.

“We are not a tech company; we don’t have a lot of technical expertise. The Transition Team was super helpful in getting us setup, speaking in plain English and not talking down to us.” Like all of our customers, Thomas was assigned a dedicated transition rep to guide him from signup up to full deployment. PROACT Search also takes full advantage of our mobile email options to stay connected during all the traveling necessary to match up educational professionals with the school systems that need them.

Hassle-free Email with Anywhere Access

Thomas acknowledges that, “80%-90% of our business is by email. Rackspace may cost a little more but it’s worth it because email is too important to take chances with.” They can now check email from hotel computers, laptops, or mobile phones so they’re always connected to the office even when they are on the road. He was so impressed with our service that he also switched PROACT Search’s sister company over to Rackspace.

Not being technologically savvy, they were concerned about not having in-house IT staff to answer tech questions. With Rackspace, Thomas has 24×7x365 support so they can get the answers they need, whenever they need them. Since the switch, they have been exceptionally happy with the accessibility and expertise of our support team stating, “Now, you guys are our IT department.” The easy-to-use Control Panel gives him the power to make quick changes, “As interns come and go, I can add and remove mailboxes on the fly or get mailboxes to contractors in minutes.” He describes his service with Rackspace thus far as “perfection, no hassles, everything works like it should.”

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