Portal Systems Saves 300 Hours a Year with Rackspace

Data center solutions, network consulting, and web design and development services

Reduce time spent managing servers, software updates, and spam

Exchange Hybrid with mobile options and Rackspace Partner Program

Saves 300 hours a year and manages over 100 customer domains

More Time Spent Maintaining Email Than Growing the Business

When a large real estate client came to them with email problems, David Korte, Managing Partner of Portal Systems, ran the numbers and determined outsourcing email was the ideal solution. As a result, they started referring other clients to Rackspace for email hosting, while still hosting their own mail server in-house.

Over time, they came to realize that, “it doesn’t make sense to waste time troubleshooting and maintaining our own email,” says David. The 5-6 hours a week they were spending on email maintenance added up to over 300 hours a year. Time better spent creating value for the growing company, not just maintaining it. Says David, “we were spending an incredible amount of time with servers, software updates, and battling spam.” After seeing the positive experiences of their customers, Portal Systems decided to outsource their email to Rackspace.

Low Minimums, Easy Transition, and Fanatical Support

Before recommending hosted email to their first client, Portal Systems prepared a report that compared email outsourcing against in-house hosting. The results of that comparison demonstrated to Portal Systems and the client that outsourcing email was the best option. When they went looking for the right email provider for their client they found us, “Rackspace Email & Apps really stood out because of the pure focus on email; we were attracted to the fact that your entire business model revolves around email.” They initially moved over part of their real estate client’s mailboxes and within a few months, Rackspace was hosting all of the client’s 300 mailboxes.

Portal Systems referred so many of their customers to Rackspace that they eventually became a reseller. With the Rackspace Reseller Program, they can manage multiple domains for their customers. “We were all ready managing the email accounts for our clients. As a Rackspace reseller, we could do it all from one Control Panel without having to log in and out of the individual accounts.” Rackspace resellers also enjoy volume pricing, API integration options, and marketing support.
Our product offerings according to David, “make a lot of sense for our clients.” Our product choices and low minimums allow David to work with startups that only need a few Exchange mailboxes to enterprises that require complex email solutions. Our Exchange Hybrid offering is especially compelling for his customers as it allows them to mix Microsoft Exchange and Rackspace Email mailboxes on the same domain.

When they brought their first client to Rackspace, our sales and Transition Team worked closely with them to ensure a smooth transition. “We had people to call with questions during transition, it was a great experience,” recalls David. He specifically credits the support of our migrations team for ensuring smooth transitions for both Portal Systems and their customers. “The Exchange migrations guys are very thorough. They give us the same level of support whether it’s one account or hundreds and they check back to make sure the mailboxes are functioning properly.”

No More Email Worries with Rackspace

Rackspace hosts all of Portal Systems’ email accounts. They use the hybrid solution for their in-house email with our mobile services for their iPhone™ and BlackBerry® users. Portal Systems also host about 100 domains for their clients as a reseller. They can reallocate those 300 hours a year they were spending on email maintenance to revenue generating activities and leave the maintenance and upkeep to us.

When they have a question about email service, they can access our Fanatical Support team. He reports, “we’ve received support ticket responses at 10:00pm for non-emergency situations.” Most of the time, they utilize support tickets for resolution. They also have 24×7x365 access to live phone support, chat support, and a library of support documentation.

The centralized Control Panel streamlines account management. From one location and with one login, they can add mailboxes, mobile services, or archiving for any of their customers’ domains or their own. “It’s designed well and intuitive,” says David of the Control Panel.

David describes his email service with Rackspace as reliable. They decided to host their email with us because, “we were spending too much time, money, and resources on email.” Now David says, “it’s nice not to worry about email.”

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