No More Email Servers for NetCom

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Web-based and instructor-led IT training solutions to Fortune 500 companies, businesses, government agencies, and individuals

CHALLENGES: Eliminate email maintenance to focus on core business

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Affordable, maintenance-free Rackspace Email

BUSINESS OUTCOME: More time and money to invest in growing the business

Email Takes Focus Away from Core Business

As a company grows, so does the cost of maintaining secure, scalable IT infrastructure. This was the challenge facing Adam Chng, CIO of NetCom Information Technology in 2004. “We had a Linux-based in-house email system. But, it took too much time to manage, and due to having to manage constant new email security threats, I ended spending too much time dealing with email issues instead of our core business,” he says.

More importantly, Adam says, “It wasn’t our core business, so we decided it was time to look for a business email provider.” In doing so, they were able to spare themselves the long-term expense of hardware and software upgrades while taking advantage of cloud-based technology to handle the day-to-day management of servers, load balancers, spam filtering, and backups.

“The decision to host and choosing the right provider impacted all of our employees. It wasn’t a decision we made lightly,” he shares. Their ideal partner for business email hosting would not only have the services, security, and functionality they needed, but also, “We wanted a provider who was stable enough from an industry perspective to be around for the long run,” Adam explains.

Taking the Anxiety Out of Outsourcing

Investigating solutions online, he explored the Rackspace Email demo. “The demo was very useful,” he says. Using the demo, potential customers can click around the Rackspace Email interface to confirm it meets their business needs. Rackspace Email features a business-grade webmail interface with shared calendars and contacts, plus tasks, notes, and free mobile sync. After speaking with our sales team, Adam was ready to sign up. “I spoke to Trevor Winters and wound up deciding on Rackspace because your company was more professional than the other companies I looked at,” he says.

The level of accessibility and communication eases the anxiety businesses may feel when moving from in-house management to a hosted environment. Being able to pick up the phone or chat in at anytime for help is a facet of Fanatical Support®, our commitment to creating exceptional support experiences for every customer, on every encounter. “You promptly address issues. The level of communication is great,” he says.

Service Drives Continued Loyalty

The continued focus on product improvement and streamlining functionality hasn’t gone unnoticed by Adam. “You’re always adding new features and improving the system without increasing the cost,” he says. Our Fanatical culture extends to keeping the Control Panel an intuitive, easy place for users of all tech knowledge levels, so the tech savvy and tech novices alike can manage their accounts. “Over the years, the Control Panel has remained current and very easy to manage,” says Adam.

“Hosting our email was a big decision, but you’ve offered us consistently good service. That’s what has kept us here all these years,” says Adam. When he needs service, he can tap the Fanatical Support team via live chat, phone, or email and get the answers he needs immediately. Another extension of Fanatical Support is keeping customers informed. “When something is going on, you communicate with us every step of the way. That’s huge. Some companies never tell you if something is wrong. You find out later,” he says. With all of his support options, he mainly uses the support ticket system. “It’s the easiest for me. I always get a response within an hour,” according to Adam.

So impressed with his Rackspace service, Adam admits, “You do everything correctly. So well, in fact, that our company wants to take some of your customer support philosophies and implement them here.” Another Fanatic recruited.

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