nGenx Offloads Layers of Complexity


Host line-of-business applications coupled with valid licensing for Microsoft and other Productivity solutions

Scalability and assurance in a hosting provider to ease the burdens of maintenance and resources

Hosted Virtual Desktop

Ability to focus on their core business while ensuring that the infrastructure was taken care of


nGenx reduced capital expenditures and gained back the freedom to focus on their sweet spot, while trusting Rackspace with their hosting needs to keep the lights on.

When vetting the benefits between an on-premise solution or a Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) service provider like Rackspace, nGenx chose to throw in their lot with Rackspace® Hosting because it not only reduced their time-to-market, but also allowed them to free up resources to focus on application delivery, rather than infrastructure.

“We aren’t in the infrastructure business,” said Dave Gibson, Chief Operating Office of nGenx, “but Rackspace is. It makes sense to go to the leader in the industry, so my team can go deeper into their fields of expertise in application delivery.”

Since its founding in 2000, nGenx has been exploring new technology and opportunities which enhance the deployment of their application delivery service. Through a unique Partner Program, nGenx is able to host line-of-business applications coupled with other Productivity solutions.

One of the deciding factors for choosing Rackspace versus other data center options was the quick turn around with regard to the scaling of hardware infrastructure according to Gibson. By deploying on Rackspace gear, Gibson and team avoided the timely process of buying and building the necessary equipment within their own data center, effectively reducing not only the amount of time he would have to invest, but also the purchasing cycle. Gibson says that ease of deployment was a great value-add on top of the many benefits of hosting with Rackspace.

With Rackspace, nGenx is able to grow their cloud print quickly. Spinning servers up and down based on capacity demands allows them the flexibility to run their business successfully without the constant unknown costs looming. Though nGenx maintains a data center that hosts many of their applications, the choice to offload certain components into trusted service provider’s data center fit into their business model. Outsourcing the high demand components has pushed the team to look at which layers of their platform will work more efficiently in a scalable data center rather than their own. Gibson can think more strategically about a long-term plan to evolve their current data usage, rather that inundating their resources with products that are better suited in offsite gear.

Gibson says he has confidence in the infrastructure and also the brand of Rackspace, which he believes lends confidence to his customers.

“Rackspace is synonymous with hosting and scale,” said Gibson. “By leveraging Microsoft, Citrix and Rackspace and our ability to offer legitimate licensing for all of the apps that we host, I believe we have created a ‘best of breed’ product suite for our customers.”

As a member of the Rackspace Partner Program, nGenx benefits from the leads and referrals that flow both ways. Gibson says that though he thinks sales will benefit in the long-term, he is also pleased with the short-term advantages seen by his operations team. By removing one layer of complexity, more time is freed up to work on projects that benefit the whole of the company, rather than spending time in the stacks working on the daily maintenance.

Gibson visited the Rackspace office before choosing to host with them; the visit was proof of the exceptional customer service, branded Fanatical Support®, he had heard so much about.

“My support team at Rackspace sets the correct expectation and delivers a path to resolution. When I get someone on the phone, they care about my problem, and if they don’t know the answer immediately, they leave me with a plan of action to find that answer,” said Gibson.

nGenx strives to provide customers with consistency and reliability, making each interaction personable rather than just a process. That desire to provide customer satisfaction at every turn is mirrored by the efforts of Rackspace as both organizations work together to provide solutions they can be proud of.

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