Morgan & Sampson Lowers Costs and Upgrades Features

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Provides a dedicated sales force to help principals and retailers establish new product brands and improve return on investment

CHALLENGE: Lack of responsive support, remote access, and adequate storage

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Rackspace Email with 10GB mailboxes, IMAP access, and Fanatical Support®

Reduced monthly email expenditures, plus better features to support users

Buyout Leaves Poor Support

With a representation of numerous manufacturers in a variety of categories, Morgan & Sampson provides a committed sales force focused on driving revenue. Their services give manufacturers the support they need to place their products into retail outlets. When Peter Medrano, IT Director at Morgan & Sampson, arrived, he found employees using disparate, consumer email services from different providers. After moving to a single email provider, that provider was bought out by GoDaddy.

“Everything was fine until there was a support issue. You could be down a long time before they’d even admit there was a problem,” says Peter. Aside from the lack of support with GoDaddy, there was too much downtime and inadequate storage, “End users were complaining every week,” reports Peter. The company sends about 50 emails to one phone call, making dependable business email vital to their business success. “If email is down, we aren’t making any money. Email is everyone’s main communication tool today. You expect it to work. Just as you expect a dial tone when you pick up the phone,” says Peter.

When Peter began his hunt for a new email host, he sought a reliable business email provider to support their business goals. “We are a frugal, well-operated organization actively reinvesting in our future. And, we were looking for the biggest bang for our buck.”

More Features for Less Money

Peter researched Rackspace and was pleased with what he found. After testing a personal domain on Rackspace Email, he was sold. “It was like night and day compared to our GoDaddy service, plus, Rackspace Email has more included storage space, great speed, and IMAP access.”

With employees working remotely, IMAP capability was essential. They used GoDaddy’s POP service which makes working with email in multiple locations difficult. With Rackspace Email, they have the ability to access their updated webmail client from any internet connection or browser. “With all the features, it was the only email service I found with everything we needed at a very, very low price. It’s been one of the best investments we’ve made!” Rackspace Email was built for business email users with calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes combined into one intuitive web-based interface.

According to Peter, “Setting up the account and moving over to webmail was simple. No problems whatsoever. The move was painless and went off beautifully.” Rackspace provides a dedicated Transition Team to assist new customers with the transition and migration process.

Replaces High Fees with High-Quality Support

“It’s transparent. People aren’t complaining anymore, so I know it’s working,” says Peter. Their satisfaction with Rackspace is driven by their happiness with their new email service and the tremendous value they get from Rackspace Email. “We were actually able to drop the amount we were paying for email and get better service with Rackspace Email,” explains Peter. “It’s a bill we don’t even notice, and extra features have been added at no additional cost,” Peter says. Recently, we added 10GB storage and mobile sync to all Rackspace Email mailboxes without increasing fees.

The value extends to the importance of having a team of email experts available when he needs help. “We recently switched ISPs. The ISP said we’d have no problems. Of course, we had a problem. And the ISP was dragging their feet to get it resolved. Then, I spoke with a support representative at Rackspace. They went above and beyond by identifying a possible glitch and actually contacting the ISP to get it resolved. I was shocked at the lengths he went to help resolve the issue,” shares Peter. That’s Fanatical Support in action.

With email becoming their main communication tool, Peter states, “We needed more stability around email, both for the company and for me as the IT Director. We didn’t have it before, but we have it now with Rackspace. The service with Rackspace is unbelievable compared to other companies.”

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