Monebo Replaces Exchange Servers with Fanatical Service

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Medical device company

CHALLENGES: Reduce time spent managing email

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Hosted Microsoft Exchange® with BlackBerry® support

Worry-free email backed by Fanatical Support®

Tired of Babysitting Servers

Described as the Dolby Sound of electrocardiography, Monebo Technologies doesn’t build products. Their signal processing technologies go into the equipment used to monitor and record the electrical activity of the heart. With employees spread across the United States, Ukraine, and Russia, reliable communication is a necessity. “We needed the peace of mind of knowing that email was running even if I wasn’t at home to babysit the server,” says Dale Misczynski, President of Monebo Technologies.

“We bought Microsoft® Small Business Server 2003 and I ran it out of my house,” he says, “then there were a few issues where I’d left town and a power outage struck, stopping mail delivery. It left us without email until I returned to fix it.” He recalls that running the server wasn’t a big deal but, without dedicated IT to support it, maintaining around-the-clock coverage was a challenge, and they still needed to use a local company to tend to the server when major issues arose. Email-related tasks also took him away from the business focus. “I handled BlackBerry setups too and because it’s not something I do every day, it would take time to figure out,” Dale says. Monebo Technologies needed a “hands-off” email system they could trust to work without constant attention.

Choice Driven by a Trusted Referral

Around the same time, Dale’s son made the switch to Rackspace for his company, after spending a week recovering from an email-borne virus attack. “After listening to my son rave about his experience with Rackspace, the choice was a no-brainer,” Dale explains. After speaking with Sales Engineer, Mikel Mendoza, he recalls, “I was impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. It was perfect for us, and I was able to make my decision on the phone.”

He selected Hosted Microsoft Exchange with BES® and ActiveSync® to support their business needs. Microsoft Exchange hosting turns the cost- and time-prohibitive nature of the Exchange platform into an easy-to-use, affordable service. The Rackspace applications suite includes other email-related services, like mobile and archiving, so customers can avoid using multiple vendors to support email service. With powerful spam and virus protection from Rackspace, he’ll never have to worry about an email-borne attack like the one his son suffered. Backed by around-the-clock Fanatical Support, Dale can contact Rackspace anytime he has a question or needs help with his email.

“Setup was easy. It took some time but it wasn’t a technical challenge,” he says of transitioning his email data to Rackspace.

Rackspace Eliminates Email Worries

There’s one less thing to worry about at Monebo these days – email service. “Rackspace gave us peace of mind and saved us time,” says Dale. The intuitive Control Panel dashboard lives up to its reputation, according to Dale, when he states, “The Control Panel is fairly simple to use and doesn’t take a lot of learning.” From the web-based Control Panel, customers can log in and add or remove users, manage spam settings, grant mobile licenses, and more. The centralized Control Panel manages all of your Rackspace applications all in one place. That means that even if he’s on vacation, Dale can quickly log in and manage his email.

Dale’s favorite feature? “We use BlackBerrys and iPhones®. Rackspace works well with both devices,” he says. Having access to their email accounts from any Internet connection means they can receive and react to critical information quicker, whether they are on the road or in the office.

“Of the online vendors we use, Rackspace’s customer service is the best,” says Dale. With access to Fanatical Support, any information or assistance he needs with his email is only a phone call or click away. The Fanatical Support team gives customers the responsiveness and accessibility of an onsite IT team. As an example, Dale relates a situation when the Fanatical Support team stepped in to help them set up new addresses, “When we needed help, they logged into our computers, and pretty much did it for us.”

The prime benefit for Dale was not in money saved over buying equipment or time saved from email maintenance. “The greatest benefit to me is peace of mind. Knowing that there’s a team of experts to keep our email constantly up and running is outstanding,” says Dale.

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