Lockstep Group Chooses Rackspace for Pricing and Support

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Implement emerging authentication technologies

CHALLENGES: Attaining a scalable, easy-to-manage email platform

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Rackspace Email with an intuitive Control Panel interface

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Around-the-clock support and anywhere access at a low price

Better Email Means Finding a Reliable Provider

As part of a partnership with another company, Lockstep had access to an internal IT team to maintain email service. “We had web access to email, but the system wasn’t scalable. We didn’t want to be dependent on them,” says Stephen Wilson, Managing Director of Lockstep.

They decided email hosting was the best option for them and began their search for a reliable email provider.

Easy Setup and Excellent Support

After reviewing email hosting options with several companies, Stephen chose Rackspace. “We went with Rackspace because of the ease of use for admins and support was excellent,” says Stephen. “It took just a minute to set up. Support was excellent at taking over our mail infrastructure,” he recalls.

“Lockstep is a very mobile company. Rackspace Email webmail is a must have.” With Rackspace Email, they can access email from any web browser. “Mobile functionality is key. I travel all the time, so anytime, anywhere access is essential,” says Stephen. And, for a surprisingly low price, Lockstep can provide all of their employees with enterprise-level email service.

Pricing and Support are a Perfect Match

“We’re based out of Sydney, so having real-time support at all hours of the day is amazing,” Stephen states. He attributes his loyalty toward Rackspace Email to Fanatical Support® and affordable pricing.

“Everything has been really easy. We haven’t had any problems, just overall excellent support,” Stephen reports. He prefers using chat and email for support.
Summing up his overall experience with Rackspace, Stephen Wilson says, “Fanatical Support is fantastic.”

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