Jobs2web chooses Rackspace to host SaaS Solution

COMPANY’S BUSINESS: SaaS - Human Resource/Recruiting

PROBLEM: Seeking a provider that could deliver a cost-effective, yet high performance and secure IT environment that takes advantage of leading-edge cloud and dedicated hosting technology.

SOLUTION: Turnkey SaaS application delivery environment that combined private cloud flexibility and performance with dedicated MS-SQL database servers.

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Company Overview

A SaaS solution providing an interactive, web-based recruitment marketing platform for Fortune 500 companies which enables them to optimize recruiting channels and find, engage and manage high quality candidates at a lower cost.


A Rackspace® Hybrid Hosting environment combining Private Cloud, dedicated database servers and disaster recovery enables Jobs2web to concentrate on creating and selling their recruitment solutions rather than investing resources in building and maintaining IT infrastructure and staff.

“Rackspace has been key to our success as a SaaS company primarily because they allow us to focus on the business of creating great software for our clients.” Peter Jacoby, CTO, Jobs2web

The Rackspace private cloud plus dedicated hosting solution helps Job2web deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Company Overview

Founded in 2003, Jobs2web helps organizations hire better people, more quickly, and more cost effectively by enabling its clients to develop, manage, and harvest Web recruiting channels. This increases the quality in the talent pipeline and lowers recruiting costs.

Jobs2web offers an award-winning integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution called the Recruitment Marketing Platform (RMP). The platform delivers the infrastructure necessary to automate the recruiting process: delivering potential talent from multiple recruiting channels; capturing and converting them into candidates; interacting with candidates in the online communities where they gather; and measuring all important metrics throughout the talent supply chain. The platform includes the award-winning Recruiting DashboardTM that provides the metrics necessary to optimize recruiting dollar spend and drive down cost per hire.

Other Jobs2web solutions help customers establish new recruiting channels, including Social Network Recruiting, Mobile Recruiting, Employee Referral Marketing, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing 2.0.

The Situation

In 2008, as a very lean 28-person SaaS company, Jobs2web ran its own infrastructure in-house. Desiring to spend its valuable resources and focus on creating a next-generation Web-based talent recruiting platform that would meet the exacting performance and scalability requirements of Fortune 500 companies rather than building its own IT operations infrastructure and staff, they began a search for a hosting provider.

Jobs2web was seeking a provider that could deliver a cost-effective, yet high performance and secure IT environment that takes advantage of leading-edge cloud and dedicated hosting technology. Finally, and equally important, Jobs2web wanted a hosting provider that shared its passion for delivering an outstanding customer experience and be there for Jobs2web 24x7x365.

Rackspace Solution

Initially drawn to Rackspace by its position in the hosting industry, 24x7x365, Fanatical Support®, and monitoring services, Jobs2web turned to Rackspace for a turnkey SaaS application delivery environment that combined private cloud flexibility and performance with dedicated MS-SQL database servers.

“The ability to mix your dedicated and cloud hardware in a hybrid environ- ment is a really exciting offering and a perfect mix of dedicated and private cloud—it lets you go into cloud in stages,” said Peter Jacoby, CTO, Jobs2web.

Jobs2web runs both Windows® and Linux® with virtual VMware pre-production environments and production frontend servers, which are also load balanced along with dedicated MS-SQL database servers. They have also added a second-site disaster recovery solution. Their Rackspace team understood their complex disaster recovery requirements, helped to architect a DR solution that met their technical and financial requirements, and built, implemented, and tested the solution all within a very aggressive five-month time frame.

And to give Jobs2web the level of support they wanted in order to provide their customers the best possible experience, Rackspace delivered its Intensive® services.

The Intensive SLA offers not only a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee and 1-hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee; it also provides guarantees around a set of fundamental services.

The Success

By selecting Rackspace as their SaaS hosting provider, Jobs2web has been able to focus on building their business rather than on building IT infrastructure. As a result, their business has grown significantly. Rackspace provides scalability as Jobs2web sustains traffic growth increases of 10% per month and a tenfold growth in devices under management. In addition, through the use of Rackspace private cloud, Jobs2web can run more servers at lower cost with dramatically more flexibility. This includes the ability to utilize resources in their multi-purpose DR facility as pre-production environments.

Rackspace continues to work with Jobs2web to provide infrastructure and technical support to their IT department. In addition to providing and running their entire SaaS hosting infrastructure, Rackspace has the hosting specialists so Jobs2web doesn’t have to have them on staff.

“When we were ready for virtualization, Rackspace was there. When we were ready for SAN, Rackspace was there. No additional vendor selection necessary. And, you have your dedicated account manager ready to work with you.”

Customer’s Final Words

”Rackspace has been much more than just a managed hosting provider for us,” explained Jacoby. “They share our values and our commitment to providing the best possible customer experience. And they demonstrate that every day through their focus on providing Fanatical Support. They are always there when we need them. In addition, Rackspace delivers innovative IT services including hybrid solutions of private cloud and dedicated hosting that make our infrastructure highly scalable and more efficient, without sacrificing reliability and performance. Finally, they have contributed to our growth with their credibility as we sell our services to Fortune 500 companies. When we say to global multinational companies that we’re hosting with Rackspace, problems go away. Knowing we’re hosting with Rackspace gives them peace of mind.”

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