IntervalZero Has Zero Email Headaches with Rackspace

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Design and develop embedded software products

CHALLENGES: Determining the best way to handle email management for a new business venture

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Exchange Hybrid to combine Rackspace Email and Microsoft Exchange mailboxes on the same domain

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Business email hosting with the same features and support of internally managed email

Solving the Email Management Dilemma

After a management buyout, IntervalZero, maker of embedded software products in Massachusetts, found themselves evaluating whether their email would be best served by an on-premise solution with third-party maintenance or a completely off-premises hosting solution. According to Daron Underwood, Vice President of Engineering, “as important as email is, not having adequate resources to support it was not an option.”

After carefully balancing the initial and ongoing costs of on-premises email, Daron decided that outsourcing would provide the dedicated attention and expertise that modern email demands. According to Daron, “Trying to focus time and energy into IT would take us away from our core values.”

IntervalZero Chooses Rackspace for Flexibility and Support

While looking at Rackspace for other IT Hosting needs, he discovered our Cloud Office services. “I had shopped around for other options but hadn’t seen any other solution that compared to the Rackspace offering,” says Daron. IntervalZero uses Rackspace for all of their mailboxes, taking advantage of the flexibility of the Exchange Hybrid option.

With the hybrid, IntervalZero maintains Rackspace Email and Microsoft Exchange mailboxes in the same domain, under the same account, even managed through the same Control Panel. Instead of being forced into paying for features some users don’t need in order to allow other users the features they do need, he provisions Rackspace Email or Exchange mailboxes based on specific user needs and saves $8 per mailbox, per month. “Affordable price was a factor but the uptime guarantee really tipped the scales to Rackspace,” says Daron.

During the sales and transition process, “By phone or email, every question I asked was answered immediately. What the rep couldn’t answer, they found the answers and followed up quickly.” The Transition Team was “very helpful” during the setup process. And, when Daron had questions about setting up remote access, our support team sprung into action with the answers he needed.

Corporate-Level Support with Rackspace

In finding the best email hosting provider for his new business venture, Daron gained guaranteed uptime, security, support for mobile phones, and premium spam and virus protection. IntervalZero can keep a laser sharp focus on their business goals while enjoying the type of expert, accessible support they were accustomed to from corporate-level IT resources.

Daron has already benefited from the constant improvements to Control Panel functionality. “I really enjoy the constant upgrades, including the one to upload new users from a spreadsheet,” says Daron. He was able to use that feature as soon as we released it to quickly create new mailboxes.

Even though Daron is significantly tech savvy in his own right, he admits, “It’s nice to know you guys are there when I need help.” Since the switch, Daron says he’s extremely satisfied with his service and experience with Rackspace.

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