Ilium Software Trades Email Server for Fanatical Support

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Mobile information management tools for business smart phone users

CHALLENGES: Finding an alternative to increasing email server capacity

Rackspace Email with web hosting and file sharing

Solves multiple IT pain points with one provider

Buy More Server Capacity or Get Rid of the Server?

Ilium Software helps businesses navigate the new landscape of mobile communication technologies. They develop applications to facilitate access and organization of corporate information via mobile applications. Ken Morse, CEO of Ilium Software, remembers a time when they were dealing with lost productivity due to internal technology demands. “We ran our email on a managed server, but it was more like ‘unmanaged’ service with that provider,” Ken jokes. Managed servers only satisfied their server capacity needs, leaving Ken’s team to handle the day-to-day maintenance of the SquirrelMail with Postfix configuration.

On top of the hassle of maintenance, they had to deal with an unresponsive hosting provider. “They didn’t update us when there were outages, and our email and website were on their servers.” As the company grew, it became apparent that the time we spent taking care of servers, managing email, and coordinating backups was best spent developing the core business. “We didn’t want to deal with servers. We wanted to design mobile applications.”

Approaching their server capacity limit, Ilium was faced with buying another server from their current provider or looking into a fully hosted solution. Ken set out to find a reliable, comprehensive hosted email provider, so they could move email off of the managed server. “We didn’t want to be responsible for managing an email infrastructure as it’s not our core business, and were looking for the support of a provider who really knew what goes into making email work.”

Finds Solutions for More than Just Email

Ken’s search for hosted email led him to solutions for most of Ilium’s IT headaches. Ilium initially signed up with Rackspace for email hosting and later added our Cloud Drive and Server Backup services. Rackspace Email provided Ilium with affordable, business-class email and the features users need to navigate business email communication. After his experience with Rackspace Email, “I was blown away by your support,” says Ken. Eventually, Ilium offloaded all of the most time-consuming, resource-heavy parts of their public-facing IT infrastructure to Rackspace.

Soon after signing up for Rackspace Email, Ken signed up with Rackspace Managed Hosting. Our Managed Hosting division provides businesses with server capacity to host websites, applications, or custom operating systems. With Managed Hosting, businesses can maintain control of their servers without the headaches of monitoring, patching, backups, and troubleshooting. Ilium Software uses Managed Hosting for their public facing websites.

When it was time to address a more secure, efficient way to back up data, he found the Rackspace Cloud Drive offering. “I can’t think of anything more tedious or boring than backup; but it’s necessary for important business information. Now, we don’t have to worry about backups. We just let it run and everything is automatically backed up.” Cloud Drive was designed to meet our customers’ growing need for secure, off-site file storage. It’s an ideal solution for backing up files in case of a hard drive failure or disaster, as well as, a providing a central location to organize, access, and share files for your team.

With Rackspace’s suite of IT hosting services, Ilium can get the same peace of mind he initially enjoyed around email service for his backups and website hosting needs.

Server Relief with Fanatical Support®

“Rackspace covers our pain points. They’ve taken away the internal IT stuff we didn’t want to do and we’re well-supported,” says Ken.

With Rackspace Email accounts for all of his employees, he doesn’t have t o worry about email system maintenance. Layered spam and virus scans, daily backups, and mobile support protect his system from email-borne threats, like Trojans and worms with no intervention on his part. And, if he has questions or concerns, the Fanatical Support team is available to help.

Rackspace delivers the reliability and support they lacked with their previous provider. They now have service guarantees, one-hour hardware replacement, and an array of other server-related options, including disaster recovery, database management, and mass storage.

“Rackspace Cloud Drive is a better way to handle backups,” says Ken. They’re using Rackspace Cloud Drive and as an additional hard drive to store files. Ilium is also using Rackspace Server Backup. Rackspace Server Backup automatically backs up all server data. “We’re backing up our internal development servers on tape now. If the Rackspace Server Backup product works well, we’ll start using it to back up those servers.”

“We’re able to achieve our goals with Rackspace. Now, we can focus every resource on the core business,” Ken shares. “The bottom line is, we didn’t want to do email or backups, it’s not critical to our business focus. Having a company like Rackspace to handle it all is a relief. Knowing that all of my data is backed up and encrypted in multiple sites is just great,” says Ken.

With IT hosting services from Rackspace, Ilium Software can focus on building mobile applications for businesses without IT headaches to impede their mission.

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