GreatCircle Studios Opens with Reliable, Affordable Email

International web services firm specializing in SEO, online marketing, web design, hosting, and application development

Establishing email infrastructure for business venture

Rackspace Email meets internal email needs and helps strengthen their product mix

Saved thousands of dollars over installing and deploying an internal email system

Who to Trust with Email for New Business?

Chief Technology Officer of GreatCircle Studios, John Stanard, has been involved in website PR, marketing, and software development since 1995. His current venture, GreatCircle Studios, encompasses his experience with website design and development to help small and medium businesses maximize their online presence. Drawing upon his previous experience in IT, John preferred the outsourced approach to the web servers and email accounts GreatCircle Studios would be maintaining.

Initially, he and his partner had a great concept and perfect name, but no website or email. In today’s technology environment, “We didn’t have a website yet, but we at least needed email to get the ball rolling. We could’ve piggybacked our email onto some servers I had access to, but we wouldn’t have had any control over the location or content on the servers and I didn’t want to deal with email maintenance,” says John.

GreatCircle Studios needed an email provider to support their blossoming business and allow them to offer email as a service to potential clients.

Past Performance Makes the Choice Easy

John was familiar with Rackspace’s services from previous work. “I had some email domains for a non-profit I needed to put up, so I used Rackspace and was impressed with the price and the service,” John says. His initial choice to go with Rackspace was affordability. “Part of the decision for that project was price. When I landed on your site, the offer and pricing were clear. When we needed mailboxes for GreatCircle Studios, I already knew who to call.”

They selected Rackspace Email to support their new venture and offer it to their clients. Rackspace Email packs a lot of value into $2 per month, making it an attractive and profitable proposition for IT consulting and service businesses. Most importantly, it allows budding businesses, like GreatCircle Studios, to instantly implement reliable, professional email with no setup or investment.

John values Fanatical Support® for providing him with the answers he needs without having to pick up the phone or talk to a representative. “I’ve never had a problem getting what I need. The knowledge base is good. Usually, all I need is a little direction and I can do most of it on my own. Good support, to me, is being able to quickly get to self-help documentation,” says John.

GreatCircle Studios Gets the Best of Both Worlds

GreatCircle Studios can serve businesses of all sizes with Rackspace’s low minimums and low pricing. “As I see businesses grow into the need for more inclusive email service, I have a package for mid-sized clients that includes Rackspace Email,” John shares.

For a minimal monthly investment in email for both his internal needs and as part of his business offering, Rackspace Email delivers worry-free email and reliability that would cost thousands of dollars to implement and maintain. They’re also taking advantage of other IT offerings in the Rackspace family. The Rackspace Cloud provides their Linux hosting platform.

John credits Fanatical Support for his loyalty to Rackspace’s hosting services. “I’ve never had a bad support experience,” John says. From small issues, like guidance on setting up email aliases, to big problems, like DNS validation issues, John found fast resolution and knowledgeable support with Rackspace. “That DNS issue took a while to resolve, but I never would’ve figured it out without the support team.” He can access support via online documentation, live chat, phone, or email 24×7x365. John describes the best of both worlds when he refers to his Rackspace services as “affordably dependable.”

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