GlobalSCAPE uses Rackspace to Deliver Award-Winning Products to their Customers

COMPANY’S BUSINESS: Managed File Transfer; Business Data Exchange in the Cloud; Secure FTP Hosting; Endpoint Security; Email Attachment Security

CHALLENGES: Need exible solution with impactful total cost of ownership that includes uptime and scalability

SOLUTION: RackConnectTM joins dedicated intrusion detection system, anti-virus, firewalls, servers, and networking gear with Rackspace Cloud ServersTM and Cloud FilesTM products

OUTCOME: GlobalSCAPE can offer high data security to their customers at a low total cost of ownership

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Company Overview

GlobalSCAPE is a global solutions provider that equips organizations to securely exchange sensitive information and files with customers and partners. GlobalSCAPE is a leader in Gartner’s managed file transfer (MFT) Magic Quadrant and has been recognized with numerous industry and analyst awards for their file transfer solutions. To meet customer demand, GlobalSCAPE is now providing customers an alternative to on-premises MFT implementations by providing cloud-based business data exchange.

GlobalSCAPE Managed Information XchangeTM (MIX) recently won the 2011 Global Excellence Award from the Info Security Products Guide. MIX enables organizations to securely exchange business-to-business data with full 24x7 management from GlobalSCAPE – all hosted on infrastructure from Rackspace. Additionally, ease of use, lower total cost of ownership than comparable solutions, and its rapid deployment capabilities have positioned MIX as one of the top cloud-based MFT solutions.

GlobalSCAPE also offers Hosted Enhanced File Transfer ServerTM (Hosted EFT Server), another flexible, value add solution which allows SMB customers and partners to securely exchange files and business data. Utilizing Rackspace Cloud technology, Hosted EFT Server provides an attractive combination of features and pricing for the SMB market.

Globalscape – Experts at Software

“Business integration and real-time data collaboration with customers and partners are essential for companies of all sizes,” says Mark Perry, VP of Managed Solutions for GlobalSCAPE. “Often times, companies attempt to implement incompatible data formats and software which leads to further confusion and can cause companies to struggle to securely share information, documents, and data. With GlobalSCAPE’s hosted and managed solutions, disparate systems, legacy applications, and connectivity issues no longer block collaboration and commerce.”

RackConnect, the Rackspace solution to connect GlobalSCAPE’s dedicated servers with their Cloud environment, has been instrumental in GlobalSCAPE’s technological success for its managed offerings. Having a dedicated environment integrated with a Cloud footprint allows GlobalSCAPE to enjoy the best of both worlds and to pass along these benefits to their customers.

Perry adds, “Using Rackspace benefits our customers as their business data exchange infrastructure no longer requires large, up-front capital expenditures. GlobalSCAPE is able to offer its customers a scalable,outsourced solution, which allows customers to reallocate their internal technical skill sets to other business-critical projects.”

Fanatical Support® Enables Globalscape to Provide Platinum Support to their Customers

Because Rackspace provides quick response times and resolution of issues, GlobalSCAPE is able to offer a platinum level of support and responsiveness to its own customers.

James Bindseil, VP of Client Support Services, says, “I realize that Fanatical Support is part of the corporate marketing for Rackspace, but my experience has shown that it is also a part of the corporate culture, as well. From quick resolution to requests, to someone getting on the phone with my clients to troubleshoot a problem, the service has been wonderful. I truly value the relationship between our two companies and would recommend Rackspace to anyone.”

“We made the right choice with Rackspace, as we now have a trusted partner who values our relationship and continues to deliver on their commitment of Fanatical Support to GlobalSCAPE and our customers,” adds Perry. “Rackspace understands our mission, our customer focused culture, and the business impact of our solutions.”

B2B Success in an Interconnected Global Marketplace

GlobalSCAPE serves many Fortune 500 companies. The needs of these companies range from proof-of-concept implementations to enterprise-scale managed services. A key challenge facing these companies is finding high-end managed and secure file transfer capabilities at an affordable cost. GlobalSCAPE provides the answers these companies are searching for, in an affordable way. By hosting with Rackspace, GlobalSCAPE is able to offer a cloud-based infrastructure to their end customers – a winning scenario for everyone.

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