Fortune 500 Company Uses Rackspace Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to Unify their Global Workforce

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Fortune 500 Company

CHALLENGES: Deploy virtual desktop to thousands of employees worldwide and consolidate over 1200 applications into a VDI solution

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Citrix™ Xen Desktop Services, Dedicated Servers, Managed Storage, Dedicated Network Gear

BUSINESS OUTCOME: OS-agnostic capability reduces need to update hardware; reduced internal IT operations costs

Company Overview

This use-case is based on the experience of a Fortune 500 Company that hosts its virtual desktop platform with Rackspace.

When it came to their IT needs, thousands of employees around the world (on multiple types of devices) needed to be connected. In addition, the company wanted to consolidate over 1,200 applications into a virtualized desktop environment. Rackspace’s Hosted Virtual Desktop Platform was the answer. The Rackspace Hosted Virtual Desktop Platform allowed for simpler provisioning of new desktops, reduced downtime in the event of server or client hardware failures, decreased costs for deploying new applications, and provided support for secure remote access.


During a trial virtual desktop implementation with another IT provider, the company ran into numerous delays and challenges. Every detail of the implementation had to be outlined in a contract in order to execute their plan. When requirements changed, it took weeks to modify the contract and gather the required approvals, resulting in delayed implementation and less than stellar outcomes. When they started the multi-phased virtual desktop implementation using several of their executives in a proof-of-concept test, they were disappointed to learn that the virtualization environment had been shut down without warning. At that point, they went looking for a partner that was flexible, easy to work with, and available to support their needs.


The company’s IT leaders began the search for a cooperative service provider who would have their business success in mind. They chose Rackspace.

The company was very impressed with Rackspace’s quick deployment of the hosted virtual desktop platform that includes hundreds of servers, a managed storage component, and the network infrastructure to interconnect it all. Unlike the previous IT provider, Rackspace was flexible enough to allow the company to quickly change or add new services. The Rackspace dedicated account team knows the company very well and can easily support their needs, from sizing a new solution to addressing any issues within the environment.

The company now enjoys transparency and the ability of the team to cut through the red tape and address problems in a way that allows a lot of visibility while providing cutting-edge technology to help shape their future.

Moving forward, the company will be able to take advantage of desktop virtualization’s evolving capabilities to connect their global workforce. Employees can now maintain security through virtual desktop’s built-in access controls in a way that is efficient for the company’s internal IT teams to manage and access a large collection of OS-agnostic applications via iPad, netbook, laptop, smart phone, and other new smart technologies.

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