EBS Says Goodbye to Email Headaches with Rackspace

Employee insurance and benefit services

CHALLENGES: Spending too much time and money maintaining in-house email

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Rackspace Email with BCC Archiving service

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Eliminated daily email maintenance tasks and dramatic reduction in spam

Email Takes Up Too Much Time

Five years ago, Arthur (“Bo”) Villemain took the helm of the family business his father founded almost 25 years prior. Soon thereafter, Bo realized he was spending too much time and money dealing with problems involving their internal email system and not enough time providing the best possible service to their clients across the country and growing the business.

He states, “It was taking an inordinate amount of time for something that seems relatively simple – providing email for my employees. The constant upkeep of spam filters and virus filters, the addition and deletion of email accounts, as well as, the upkeep of the hardware to do all of that was taking way too much time.”

Problem Solved in One Day

When Bo experienced a particularly frustrating day, he knew he needed to outsource his email system. He searched online for email service and found Rackspace instantly. Bo chose Rackspace Email with BCC Archiving service.

He gets free mobile sync tools, monthly backups of email data, and large 10GB mailboxes for just $2 per month. With Rackspace’s low pricing and promise of unconditional support, the decision to switch to Rackspace and the move to the new system were made easily and swiftly in one day. And he hasn’t looked back.

Rackspace Reduces Email Complexity and Saves Time

After deciding to go with Rackspace, Bo noticed improvements immediately. There were no viruses arriving through email anymore and spam was significantly reduced. He reports spending almost no time dealing with email issues. Where he used to spend time every day handling email problems, now it’s “maybe once a month” and is purely administrative according to Bo.

Referring to Rackspace’s Fanatical Support® team, the CEO states that the customer service is excellent. He adds, “On the rare occasion I have a problem with email, I get a response from Rackspace’s Fanatical Support team within an hour and the problem is solved in a business day.”

As for pricing, Bo describes it as insignificant. “It’s not even a bill I notice. For the price, it just doesn’t make any sense not to outsource my email hosting to Rackspace,” Bo explains.

Speaking of the company’s three years of experience with the Rackspace service, Bo remarks, “It’s been simple. It just works.”

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