Cramer Development Gets the Right Fit for their Clients

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Web Application Development

WHAT THEY DO: Provide strategic planning and consulting, website design, and application development services to help businesses establish web products and web-based businesses.

IT GOALS: Supply on-demand access to scalable infrastructure to test, build, and launch client websites and applications.

SOLUTION: Hybrid hosting with Rackspace broad range of services provides Cramer Development with the flexibility to address needs ranging from simple web sites to complex web-based applications

BENEFITS: Access to a broad portfolio of hosting solutions, ability to tailor platforms to meet client needs, Fanatical Support and the 100% Network Uptime SLA

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Company Overview

Leveraging a nationwide, distributed team of passionate design and engineering staff, Cramer Development works with businesses of all sizes to bring new sites, website redesigns, and other online projects to life. In 2006, they launched a revolutionary web publishing platform called Markup Factory. The platform offers web designers the ability to quickly create stunning, usable, feature-rich websites without navigating code.

Since opening their doors in 2000, they’ve built websites and ecommerce applications that have achieved notable successes, including the first ever Vet-VIPPS (Veterinary-Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites) accredited website and sites featured on CSS Beauty and Best Web Gallery.

Because their clients rely on site availability for success, Cramer Development needed a hosting provider, to help them balance availability, functionality, and spending requirements for small budget sites all the way up to large, high-volume sites.

Rackspace Hybrid Hosting Provides Flexible Solutions

Because no two clients are the same, Cramer Development is keenly aware of the need for customizable platforms. Clients come to Cramer Development with technology requirements ranging from startup planning to growth management. “Some of our startups go on Rackspace Dedicated Hosting at our recommendation, and others have switched to Rackspace after experiencing costly and inconvenient downtime with other providers,” says Josh Cramer, Founder and President of Cramer Development.

Rackspace’s combination of around-the-clock Fanatical Support, managed data backup services, and redundant hardware solutions are the answer to many of the infrastructure-layer requirements of the firm’s clients. “For companies whose success relies on their web hosting infrastructure performing 24x7x365, Rackspace offers all the features they need,” Josh states.

Cramer Development’s clients choose Rackspace based on the firm’s trusted recommendation and the reputation Rackspace has built over the last decade as a specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry. “Rackspace is a premium hosting provider, and it shows in the knowledge and reputation of the staff,” says Josh.

How Cramer Development Uses Hybrid Hosting

To Access Greater Flexibility

&#x2028With the flexibility of multiple platforms in the Rackspace portfolio, they can stitch together custom solutions to solve clients’ problems. For clients with applications that are truly mission critical to their core business, Cramer chooses dedicated hardware for the highest performance and availability. The Rackspace Cloud gives many of Cramer Development’s clients the ability to quickly scale to meet demand, while allowing the team to customize the code for each client, choose the right platform, and add other infrastructure layers to suit their application design. And if they had a client whose needs required pieces of dedicated and cloud architecture, Rackspace portfolio includes the RackConnect option.

For some clients who are just using something simple like, Wordpress, we can put them on Cloud Sites; but other applications, like Ruby on Rails (RoR), would start off on a Cloud Server. And, we still have the option of tapping dedicated hardware for clients who have complex capacity, performance, or compliance concerns,” Josh explains.

The ease of creating and deleting servers quickly using Cloud Servers and Cloud Sites is a big benefit for Cramer. To further automate and streamline the process for their multiple clients, they also leverage tools, like Capistrano and Chef for post-provisioning and application configuration tasks. That means they can build sites and applications better, faster, and cheaper.

“We do some development workstation tasks in the cloud. We also use the cloud to launch staging servers and integration testing environments and it’s always been reliable,” Josh shares. Cloud Files addresses their need to reliably host and serve large assets, like videos and massive image libraries for ecommerce sites, plus internal storage and backup needs.

To Maintain Business Focus&#x2028

Rackspace Hybrid Hosting approach allows web development firms like Cramer Development to support complex website needs without investing time and energy into standing up servers for temporary use or chasing scale to keep up with their clients’ growing needs. The built-in scalability of the cloud allows them to adapt to variable website traffic and their clients’ sites deliver the intended experience and functionality.

Rackspace lets Cramer Development offload system admin and infrastructure work leaving them free to focus on their core business – application development. To access the level of support required to keep multiple websites and applications running around the clock can sap energy, resources, and profits away from revenue generating activities. With the suite of hosting services and supporting admin tools at Rackspace, the Cramer Development team can meet their clients’ application development needs while Rackspace handles their infrastructure layer.

&#x2028&#x2028To Reap the Benefits of a Trusted, Single-Provider Solution&#x2028

Having a single provider solution allows consolidation of their monthly billing into a single invoice. It also means that they can add or remove capacity and move a project from development to testing to launch from MyRackspace, the integrated Control Panel that serves as a portal to help them manage all of their Rackspace services and a centralized access point for their geographically dispersed team.

They’re also able to leverage the Rackspace name and reputation for hosting services as they market themselves to prospective clients and grow relationships with current clients. The cornerstone of Rackspace reputation is our commitment to the customer service we have branded as Fanatical Support; our focus to provide world-class service experience to our customers. That commitment is based in empowering Rackers with the skills and tools necessary to deliver world-class service, as well as giving customers intuitive self-service tools, clear support documentation, and live training opportunities. “I know who to call, and there’s someone there around the clock,” says Josh.


“Having everything with one provider, with great support and quality of service is good for us,” says Josh of their relationship with Rackspace. As they grow, the firm has the peace of mind of knowing that Rackspace can help them handle complex computing needs, save them from costly hardware and infrastructure-related investments, allow them to maintain focus on their core, and deliver the security and performance their clients demand.

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