Brunello Creative Discovers Fanatical Support

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Boston-based graphic design firm

CHALLENGES: Email outages and inadequate support with previous provider

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Rackspace Email with IMAP support and compatibility with existing email client

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Reliable, feature-rich email with multiple ways to access Fanatical Support®

Too Many Outages and Too Little Support

Brunello Creative is a growing web design firm in Boston, MA. They were using POP email services through their website hosting provider. They’d even referred some of their clients to their old hosting provider for email services. Over time, they found that the POP service made it difficult to manage email from multiple devices, “We were using desktops, laptops, and iPhones™ to check mail, so messages would show up as ‘un-read’ in one place and ‘read’ everywhere else,” says Adam Hoyle, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Brunello Creative.

With their old provider, Brunello Creative was subject to multiple lengthy outages exacerbated by the absence of adequate support. Adam recalls, “When our site went down, our email would go down. It could take up to two hours to get through to a technical support representative on the phone.”

For most issues, the provider tried to push them to use email support, but “We wouldn’t get timely responses that way, and sometimes we’d never get an answer at all.” Even worse, according to Adam, “Once we’d get someone on the phone, they couldn’t help. They’d have to escalate it to someone else and then make us wait a day or two to hear back. Meanwhile, our email is down.”

With clients all around the country and a network of freelancers, Brunello Creative relies on email to communicate. They risked interrupting their workflow and missing important messages from clients with their old provider. After suffering with sub-par support and extended outages long enough, Adam went looking for a new email provider.

The Right Balance of Price and Features

The Brunello Creative team wanted IMAP support without having to subscribe to Exchange service. “We were looking for non-Exchange IMAP service so we could keep using the Apple mail client.” In the past, he used Rackspace Managed Hosting to host client websites but guessed that our email hosting service would be expensive.

He researched about 10 other companies but couldn’t find the right balance of price and features he found while investigating Rackspace’s email hosting services late one night. Our live sales chat support is available around the clock, “I saw the live chat button and was shocked that I got someone right away at that time of night. After chatting, the salesperson called me and walked me through the signup process. You made choosing Rackspace easy.”

He was surprised to find that for $30 a month, Rackspace Email could provide email to his entire team that allowed them to use their preferred email client and synchronize data across devices.

Fanatical Support Allows Them to Focus on Business Goals

Brunello Creative is happy with their decision to move their email accounts to Rackspace. In addition to reliable email service and a rich feature set, they’re backed by Fanatical Support. Our dedication to Fanatical Support extends beyond expert live assistance to making sure customers have easy access to self-help tools when needed.

Not long ago, an employee accidentally deleted their entire mailbox. Adam logged into the Control Panel to get our phone number to see if we could help. Before he found our phone number, he found instructions on how to restore a deleted mailbox, “Within four clicks, I had restored the mailbox, and everything was back in the right place.” With their previous provider, he would’ve had to pay to restore that data.

“Being able to get someone on the phone makes all the difference. Email is so important to our business that when something is wrong, we want an immediate response and to know that it will be resolved fast.” Now, when Adam has a question about email, “I always get someone on the phone who’s knowledgeable and ready to do whatever it takes to solve the problem.” That’s Fanatical Support. With Rackspace Email supporting their most valuable communication channel, Adam can go back to developing award-winning designs for clients.

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