BMC Group Meets High Standards and Maximizes Resources with Rackspace

Stable, highly available infrastructure backed by Fanatical Support® frees information management services provider to focus on its core business


CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: SaaS document management

WHAT THEY DO: Virtual data room: a secure, dedicated web-based platform where professionals can share documents, streamline workflow, collaborate with additional partners and prepare data for its ultimate future use

CHALLENGES: To save valuable CapEx while still meeting the market’s demanding infrastructure requirements.

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: A hosted environment that includes a highly-redundant cluster of Microsoft® SQL Server® and multiple geo-redundant web service farms

BUSINESS OUTCOME: BMC Group was able to meet rigorous industry requirements, maintain a fixed monthly cost, and avoid the expense of hiring additional personnel.


BMC Group is a privately owned Seattle-based company that provides information management support services for the legal, financial, corporate and medical industries. It is recognized for its work in restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, litigation and medical records support services with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

One reason for the company’s success is its understanding of its market. Equally important, BMC Group knows how to focus strategically on its core competencies. It relies on Rackspace for IT hosting to help achieve its core objectives.


BMC Group first turned to Rackspace as it prepared to launch a new line of business: providing technology and services for companies planning mergers and acquisitions. While the company initially considered building out its server infrastructure in-house, it rejected that plan when it began calculating costs. “To serve this market, you need to meet demanding requirements,” notes Jeff Kalina, Executive Vice President Corporate Services, BMC Group. For instance, the servers must be highly available and highly secure; they must be regularly refreshed to keep up with the latest technology.

That can be expensive—not just in terms of capital expenditures as BMC Group would also need to hire additional staff to manage the new servers. “First, we’d have to find the right talent,” says Kalina.

“Then we’d have to manage them. And they’d need to be available 24/7.”

So BMC Group decided to consider hosting—and after evaluating several hosting providers, it chose Rackspace. “We’re a technology-enabled company, but managing servers is not our core business,” Kalina says. “Managing servers is a Rackspace proficiency. Hiring them meant we’d get the caliber of personnel our team could work with and would need to build and support this environment.”


After BMC Group made its decision, Rackspace configured an infrastructure to BMC Group’s specifications. Today, that environment includes a highly redundant cluster of Microsoft® SQL Server® and multiple web service farms spread across three primary physical locations—two in the US and one in the United Kingdom. In addition to supporting the merger and acquisition due diligence business, the environment is tapped by BMC Group clients worldwide for everything from contract management, to collaborative document sharing and editing, to providing highly secure corporate data repositories.

The hosted solution worked so well for BMC Group, Kalina says, that when the first 3-year contract came up for renewal, BMC Group never considered switching vendors—it signed a new contract to continue the relationship. That decision, Kalina adds, is testament to the value Rackspace delivers to BMC Group. Some of that value is fiscal. “With Rackspace Managed Hosting, we know our fixed monthly costs. It makes forecasting easier,” Kalina says. BMC Group also knows its infrastructure will always utilize current technology.


But perhaps more important is the quality of the hardware architecture. “We know our environment with Rackspace includes the redundancy needed to withstand everything from run-of-the-mill hardware failures to natural disasters,” says Kalina.

This is particularly important for BMC Group because its customers place high value on system security and stability. In fact, many of these customers review and test the data center configurations, process and functionality as part of their due diligence before hiring BMC Group. “They need to make sure the environment is secure and in compliance,” Kalina notes. The ability to show these customers first-hand that the systems are configured to the highest standards for business availability and disaster recovery is a cornerstone of BMC Group’s value proposition to its customers.


Then there is Rackspace Fanatical Support. “Our business is in real time. These sites can not be down,” Kalina says. “We know with Rackspace, we’ll have support engineers on hand any time we need them to make system changes or repairs.”

The trust BMC Group placed in Fanatical Support was well worth it, Kalina adds. “Especially in the early days of the relationship, there were times when we leaned heavily on Rackspace support. They were always there for us. They were willing to do whatever it took to get our systems where they needed to be.”

Kalina views Rackspace’s emphasis on customer service as the foundation of their corporate culture. “Rackspace is customer-oriented. They truly are Fanatical. They branded its support, and they live it.”

It’s a quality that fosters more than trust but also inspires admiration. “What Rackspace has accomplished as a company is impressive,” Kalina concludes. “It’s a remarkable organization, and we love being partnered with them.”

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