Using CommVault to Backup Data in Rackspace Private Cloud

  • Last updated on: 2013-06-26
  • Authored by: Alyssa Hurtgen


Rackspace Private Cloud powered by OpenStack lets you create virtual instances that you can use to run any kind of applications. However, these virtual machines do not come with a backup and recovery solution by default. CommVault Simpana® software has been tested and validated to work with Rackspace Private Cloud to do file-level backup and recovery of data inside individual instances. This document gives a brief overview of architecture and the components involved and the process to configure your instances for backup.


This document assumes the following:

  • A Rackspace Private Cloud Software cluster (at least one controller, and one compute node, or an all-in-one and additional compute node)

  • CommVault Simpana® Software version 9 or later

Backup Infrastructure

CommVault Simpana® software is built from the ground up on a single platform for integrated data protection and management. IT organizations can reduce costs and simplify data management across its lifecycle with integrated modules for backup & recovery, archive, replication, search, and reporting.

An introduction to CommVault terminology for backup and recovery:

CommCell®: Collectively all Simpana components deployed for data protection and recovery including the CommCell Console, CommServe, Media Agents, and iDataAgents.

CommCell Console: The graphical user interface that allows you to control and manage all CommVault Simpana components.

CommServe®: The coordinator and administrator of the CommCell components. The CommServe server communicates with all agents in the CommCell to initiate data protection, management, and recovery operations. The CommServe does some resource intensive processing and is preferably installed on a box with enough compute resources.

MediaAgent: Transfers data between the client computer(s) and the storage media during backup and recovery operations. The layout and the number of media agents you want in a typical deployment depends upon your storage needs.

File System iDataAgent: Installed on the virtual machines in the Rackspace Private Cloud and performs the backup and restore operations. Any instance that needs to be backed up should have this agent installed and registered to the backup infrastructure.

Architecture Recommendations

The following diagram illustrates the different components of CommVault software and how they work with Rackspace Private Cloud. Typically, you run the CommServe and Media Agents outside the private cloud, so your back infrastructure can stay up independent of the cloud.

Using the CommCell GUI, source-side de-duplicated backups can be configured and automated to identify what data needs to be protected, how long to retain the protected data, and where to store a copy of the data.

The specifics of your layout will depend on several factors, like your storage requirements, policies, and existing infrastructure, if any. For specific architectural recommendations and all configuration considerations, you can to talk to a CommVault Systems Engineer.

Agent Installation

Multiple options are available for installing the Simpana iDataAgent in an OpenStack VM. The configuration of the iDataAgent can be automated by booting new VMs off of VM images with the iDataAgent preinstalled and preconfigured for your environment.


CommVault Simpana software has been tested and validated to work with Rackspace Private Cloud to perform file-level backup and recovery of data inside individual instances. OpenStack virtual machines can easily be protected in an existing CommVault infrastructure or a new deployment.

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