Upgrade to Managed Operations service level

  • Last updated on: 2016-06-22
  • Authored by: Kyle Laffoon

Depending on your Support Service Level for Rackspace Public Cloud, you have the option to upgrade from the Managed Infrastructure service level to the Managed Ops: SysOps service level.

Note: To identify your current Support Service Level, log in to your account and check in the top-right corner of the Cloud Control Panel for one of the following labels: Managed Infrastructure or Managed Ops: SysOps.

Upgrade from the Managed Infrastructure service level

  1. In the Cloud Control Panel, under your account name, click Managed Infrastructure.

  2. To view your current service level and upgrade options, click View our service level details in the popup box.

  3. (Optional) Compare your current service level with the other available service levels.

  4. (Optional) Click View Server Pricing for any of the options to calculate an estimate of your services with the selected service level.

  5. To upgrade your service level to Managed Ops: SysOps or Managed Ops: DevOps, click Select at the bottom of the appropriate column.

    Note: If you upgrade your service level, you cannot revert back to the previous level.

  6. In the popup window, click Request Upgrade.

  7. Read the Managed Operations Terms of Service, select the I agree to the Cloud Terms of Service check box, and then click Request Upgrade.

    A confirmation of your upgrade is displayed on the screen.

Note: You will see the changes in effect the next time you log in.

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