Upgrade SharePoint site storage in the Cloud Office Control Panel

  • Last updated on: 2018-01-30
  • Authored by: Mawutor Amesawu

The SharePoint service provides 250 MB of storage at no charge. When you are ready to upgrade, you can do so in 1 GB increments in the Cloud Office Control Panel.

To upgrade SharePoint storage, log in to the Cloud Office Control Panel, and perform the following steps:

  1. At the top of the page, click the Add Storage link under Microsoft SharePoint.

  2. In the Quantity field, enter the integer amount of additional storage that you want. Your current monthly rate, your new monthly rate, and the prorated charges display in the Summary section.

  3. Click Review Order.

  4. Review the upgrade details and billing information. To update billing information, click Edit.

  5. Click Complete Order.

    Note: Prorated charges will appear on your next bill.

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