Report email spam in Rackspace webmail

  • Last updated on: 2015-06-12
  • Authored by: Rackspace Support

Note: This article refers to a feature that is no longer available for Cloud Sites. It is provided for legacy support only.

Unfortunately, email filters cannot catch all unwanted emails, and they will appear in your email list. When this happens, you must manually mark these emails as spam to report and remove them.

Note: When you report spam, a copy of the email is sent to Cloudmark, our spam filtering provider, and the email is automatically moved to your Spam folder.

To report and remove an unfiltered spam email

Select the unwanted email, click the MORE option located on your email toolbar, and select Report Spam.

You can also right-click the unwanted email and select Report Spam from the popup menu.

Note: At the moment, Safari is not supported for the right-click Report Spam option.

To report and remove more than one unfiltered spam email

  1. To report several emails, select the check box next to each unwanted email.
  2. Click the Spam button, or right-click in the email listing and then select Report Spam from the popup menu.

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