Preparing to use Rackspace Intelligence

  • Last updated on: 2018-10-25
  • Authored by: Rose Coste

Everyone who has a Rackspace cloud account can use the Cloud Control Panel to create and manage devices and the to observe infrastructure status.

As you create new servers and databases with your cloud account, Rackspace Intelligence automatically recognizes them as entities. By taking some extra steps, you can enable Rackspace Intelligence to give you full information on the status of those entities.

If you explicitly define something other than a cloud server or cloud database as an entity, Rackspace Intelligence can also monitor its status.

Begin monitoring a cloud server

To be able to view all relevant data, you should install the Cloud Monitoring agent on any cloud server that you want to monitor with Rackspace Intelligence. Setting up a server to work with Rackspace Intelligence shows the process of installing the agent on a cloud server and shows how that server appears to Rackspace Intelligence before and after the agent is installed.

Begin monitoring a cloud database

Setting up a database to work with Rackspace Intelligence shows how to define the characteristics of a database for Rackspace Intelligence’s monitoring.

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