Permissions Matrix for Auto Scale

  • Last updated on: 2016-01-22
  • Authored by: Renee Rendon

The following permissions matrix displays specific permissions for roles in Rackspace Auto Scale. The matrix displays the method names, their corresponding RESTful API commands, and the roles that are supported.

As of November 11, 2013

Method API Action Role Description
Create Group POST /groups/ Admin only Creates an autoscaling group.
List Groups GET /groups/ Admin & Observer Lists the autoscaling groups available to the specified tenant.
List Group Details GET /groups/{groupId} Admin & Observer Lists detailed autoscaling group configuration.
Delete Group DELETE /groups/{groupId} Admin Only Deletes autoscaling group.
Get Group State GET /groups/{groupId}/state Admin & Observer Reports autoscaling group state.
Get Group Configuration GET /groups/{groupId}/config Admin & Observer Lists autoscaling group configuration.
Replace Group Configuration PUT /groups/{groupId}/config Admin Only Updates autoscaling group configuration.
Get Launch Configuration GET /groups/{groupId}/launch Admin & Observer Lists launch configuration.
Replace Launch Configuration PUT /groups/{groupId}/launch Admin Only Update launch group configuration.
Pause Group Policy Execution POST /groups/{groupId}/pause Admin Only Pauses policy execution.
Resume Group Policy Execution POST /groups/{groupId}/resume Admin Only Resumes policy execution.
Get a List of Policies GET /groups/{groupId}/policies/ Admin & Observer Lists scaling policies in the autoscaling group.
Get Details of a Policy GET /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId} Admin & Observer Describes one policy.
Create a New Policy POST /groups/{groupId}/policies/ Admin Only Creates autoscaling policy.
Delete a Policy DELETE /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId} Admin Only Deletes a policy.
Replace a Policy PUT /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId} Admin Only Updates policy.
Execute a Policy POST /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId}/execute Admin Only Executes a policy.
Get a List of Webhooks GET /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId}/webhook Admin Only Lists webhooks in the autoscaling group.
Create a Webhook POST /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId}/webhook Admin Only Creates a webhook.
Replace a Webhook PUT /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId}/webhook/{webhookId} Admin Only Updates a webhook.
Delete a Webhook DELETE /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId}/webhook/{webhookId} Admin Only Deletes a webhook.
View Webhook Info GET /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId}/webhook/{webhookId} Admin Only Describes one webhook.

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