Permissions Matrix for Auto Scale

  • Last updated on: 2016-01-22
  • Authored by: Renee Rendon

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As of November 11, 2013

Method API Action Role Description
Create Group POST /groups/ Admin only Creates an autoscaling group.
List Groups GET /groups/ Admin & Observer Lists the autoscaling groups available to the specified tenant.
List Group Details GET /groups/{groupId} Admin & Observer Lists detailed autoscaling group configuration.
Delete Group DELETE /groups/{groupId} Admin Only Deletes autoscaling group.
Get Group State GET /groups/{groupId}/state Admin & Observer Reports autoscaling group state.
Get Group Configuration GET /groups/{groupId}/config Admin & Observer Lists autoscaling group configuration.
Replace Group Configuration PUT /groups/{groupId}/config Admin Only Updates autoscaling group configuration.
Get Launch Configuration GET /groups/{groupId}/launch Admin & Observer Lists launch configuration.
Replace Launch Configuration PUT /groups/{groupId}/launch Admin Only Update launch group configuration.
Pause Group Policy Execution POST /groups/{groupId}/pause Admin Only Pauses policy execution.
Resume Group Policy Execution POST /groups/{groupId}/resume Admin Only Resumes policy execution.
Get a List of Policies GET /groups/{groupId}/policies/ Admin & Observer Lists scaling policies in the autoscaling group.
Get Details of a Policy GET /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId} Admin & Observer Describes one policy.
Create a New Policy POST /groups/{groupId}/policies/ Admin Only Creates autoscaling policy.
Delete a Policy DELETE /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId} Admin Only Deletes a policy.
Replace a Policy PUT /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId} Admin Only Updates policy.
Execute a Policy POST /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId}/execute Admin Only Executes a policy.
Get a List of Webhooks GET /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId}/webhook Admin Only Lists webhooks in the autoscaling group.
Create a Webhook POST /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId}/webhook Admin Only Creates a webhook.
Replace a Webhook PUT /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId}/webhook/{webhookId} Admin Only Updates a webhook.
Delete a Webhook DELETE /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId}/webhook/{webhookId} Admin Only Deletes a webhook.
View Webhook Info GET /groups/{groupId}/policies/{policyId}/webhook/{webhookId} Admin Only Describes one webhook.

Permission Matrices for RBAC

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