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  • Last updated on: 2014-03-13
  • Authored by: Jered Heeschen

What is ObjectRocket?

ObjectRocket is a Database as a Service based on the popular MongoDB database. The ObjectRocket infrastructure has been designed for MongoDB.

Learn more by reading the ObjectRocket API Overview and Concepts documentation.

Get to know ObjectRocket. Watch an interview with founder and Chief Architect, Kenny Gorman.

Get Started

The Getting Started Guide will help you understand how to get up and running on the ObjectRocket system quickly and easily. It assumes using the ObjectRocket web interface. You will walk through the following steps:

  1. Get an ObjectRocket account
  2. Add billing information
  3. Create a instance
  4. Create a database
  5. Add a Access Conrol List (ACL)

Read the Getting Started Guide

Backup and Recovery Guide

Data backups are provided so customers can have access to point in time copy of their data. Backups are taken at regular intervals.

Learn more about Backups in the Backup and Recovery Guide

The ObjectRocket API

The ObjectRocket API is a REST-based HTTP API over SSL. The API can be used in addition to and alongside with the MongoDB driver access into ObjectRocket.


Connect via Native MongoDB Drivers


ObjectRocket has created a couple of example tools to use in conjunction with the ObjectRocket service. The ObjectRocket API makes it very easy to query the service for data and metadata for various things like monitoring or performance tools.

  • Rocketstat - Rocketstat is a clone of the popular mongostat utility. This utility show various performance metrics about the ObjectRocket instance.
  • Rockettop - RocketTop is a real-time statistics viewer for ObjectRocket.

Learn more about the tools and get access to their Github repos on the Tools page.

Have a question?

Read the FAQ.


If you have an issue, you can submit a ticket or send ObjectRocket an email at support@objectrocket.com.

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