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  • Last updated on: 2020-04-09
  • Authored by: Bekki Bolthouse

Sometimes, an email alert isn’t enough. If you are on call, on the go, or far from Wi-Fi, mobile alerts are a necessity. For the most critical problems, you can set up notifications from multiple form factors, combining SMS with any of our other notification types.

Get notified with SMS

As a Rackspace Monitoring customer, you can now leverage unlimited SMS worldwide, at no additional cost. SMS alerting has the following advantages:

  • Ensures that you never miss a major incident
  • Adds another layer of redundancy to your alerting
  • Pushes alerts to your device, so that you don’t need to pull them down from a mail server
  • Supports the most basic devices and doesn’t require an expensive data plan1
  • Delivers alerts anywhere you have a cell signal2

1 Standard text messaging rates from your carrier apply 2 Currently our service supports over 1,000 carriers in 196 countries

If you are not yet using Rackspace Monitoring, sign up at no cost on the Rackspace website.

Set up alerts

You configure SMS alerts for your account by adding one or more new notifications via the raxmon CLI. You can add SMS alerts to an existing notification plan, or you can create a new one. Be sure to attach the notification plan to one or more alarms. For step-by-step guidance, see the tutorial on setting up notifications and notification plans in the Rackspace Monitoring Getting Started Guide.

Note: You can create alarms and notifications in any order, but to create a new notification plan, you need to create a notification first.

Tune out unwanted alerts

If you receive too many texts, or you don’t want to get alerts during a maintenance period, you can perform the following actions:

  • Set up Suppressions to mute alerts during planned events.
  • Reconfigure your alerting preferences in the Cloud Control Panel or use the raxmon CLI.
  • Tune your notification plans to ensure that only the most important notifications are sent by SMS.
  • Reply STOP to any text. This action stops all SMS alerts for that phone number - for all alarms.

The SMS alerting functionality is available to US and UK Rackspace Monitoring customers.

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