Log in to Rackspace Intelligence for dedicated accounts

  • Last updated on: 2016-06-06
  • Authored by: Constanze Kratel

To use Rackspace Intelligence, you must have a dedicated Rackspace customer account and you must be logged in to the MyRackspace Customer Portal portal for that account. Rackspace Intelligence has no separate login process.

To access Rackspace Intelligence:

  1. Go to MyRackspace Customer Portal and log in to the portal by providing your Rackspace Account Number, Username and Password.

  2. On the MyRackspace Customer Portal, click Services and then select Availability Monitoring from the list.

    This takes you to the Entities page, which lists all of your available entities. From this page, you can explore all the details for the entities that have been configured for you.

After you have launched the Entities page, you can explore different features that pertain to your entities. For more information, see Working with alarms, checks, entities, notifications, and notification plans in Rackspace Intelligence for dedicated accounts and Understanding the Rackspace Intelligence user interface for dedicated accounts.

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