Get Started with the Rackspace Mobile Application and Managing Accounts

  • Last updated on: 2016-06-24
  • Authored by: Jamie Rosenfield

Now that you are familiar with the Control Panel, let’s introduce you to an alternative method to using the Cloud Control Panel. The Rackspace mobile applications provide a seamless way for customers to access, create, and manage Cloud Servers across the Rackspace Cloud. Specifically, you will be able to create, rename, reboot, and rebuild servers; check response times across multiple data centers; look up the Rackspace Cloud System Status; and contact Rackspace Fanatical Support across all regions.

Download the application

Download the Rackspace mobile application appropriate for your mobile device:

Getting started

Once you have installed the Rackspace application on your mobile device, you are ready to get started with managing Cloud Servers on your account.

  • When you arrive at the log-in screen, enter in your user credentials. These will be the same Username and Password you use to access the Control Panel
  • Tap Log In and you will be logged into your Rackspace account and taken to view the Server List page
  • To add more Rackspace accounts to the application, tap on the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen and select Accounts from the menu drawer
  • Tap the + icon in the top right to add another account. Once the Authentication screen appears, add in the login credentials for the additional account. Again, this will match the Username and Password used to log into the account on the Cloud Control Panel.

Creating a Cloud Server on your mobile application

After tapping on the + icon in the top right of the Server List page, you will see the 4 primary setup options—Name, Region, Image, and Size—that you will want to configure. If you select Create Server without modifying any criteria, your server will be set up with the default configuration details.

  1. Tap on the Name field and enter your server name.

  2. Tap on Region to select your region.

  3. After you return to the Select Options page, you will be able to select your Operating System type and version.

  4. Select the flavor class you want for your server.

  5. Select the flavor (includes CPU, RAM and disk) on the resulting screen.

  6. After you return to the Select Options page, tap Create Server.

You will be returned to the Server List where you will see your new server in the process of being built. You will be able to look at your new server’s details, but will not be able to make any changes until the server creation is complete and the status has changed from yellow to green.

Rebuild, Reboot, and Rename your server

On your server list, select the cloud server you want to manage. Once on your Server Details page you will be able to Rebuild, Reboot, and Rename your server.

Note: If you need to changed the size of your server, see Changing the size of your General Purpose Cloud Server.

  • Rebuild - Tap the Image button. You are prompted to confirm the Rebuild.

    Note: Rebuilding your server will require a restart of your system.

  • Reboot - Tap the Reboot button. You are prompted to select Hard Reboot or Soft Reboot.

    Note: Rebooting your server will require a restart of your system.

  • Rename - Tap the Rename button. You are able to add in the new server name.

IP features on your Cloud Server

On your Server Details page you can select your Public IPs and/or Private IP to Ping the server, Copy the IP address or open the IP in your mobile browser.

Tap on the IP address you are interested in and you will see the options to:

  • Ping IP Address
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Open in Browser

Change the Root Password on your Cloud Server

On your Server Details page you can tap the Change Root Password button to update the password you use to access your server

Deleting an Account from the Mobile Device

To delete an account from your Android Rackspace mobile application, go to your device’s Settings menu. Under the Accounts section, select the Rackspace application and then tap on the account you want to remove. Once in the Sync settings for the Rackspace application, select Remove Account.

To delete an account from your iOS Rackspace mobile application, you will go to the Accounts page and swipe left-to-right on the account you would like to remove. You will then see a Remove button. Tap Remove and that account will not longer be synced to that mobile device.

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