Getting started with Rackspace Intelligence for dedicated accounts

  • Last updated on: 2016-01-27
  • Authored by: Constanze Kratel

Note: This guide is for Rackspace Intelligence on a dedicated account. If you have a standard cloud account, click here for the applicable getting started guide.

Rackspace Intelligence now supports dedicated customer accounts. Dedicated customers can use the Rackspace Intelligence dashboard to view their availability monitors.

Rackspace Intelligence provides a data panel, called a dashboard, that shows actionable insights into infrastructure health.

As a customer with a dedicated account:

  • Use the Rackspace Intelligence dashboard to view the availability of your applications.
  • Create customized visualizations and graphs.
  • Use remote checks of type ping, tcp, and http. For more information, see Remote check types.

Before you begin using Rackspace Intelligence

When you want to log into Rackspace Intelligence

To learn more about your alarms, checks, notifications, and notificaton plans

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