Getting Started with Cloud Sites: Accessing billing information

  • Last updated on: 2015-12-24
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Note: This article is written for our Cloud Sites Control Panel. You can get to it from the Cloud Control Panel by clicking Rackspace Cloud in the upper-left corner and selecting Cloud Sites. You can also navigate directly to

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Cloud Sites introduction

After logging in to the Control Panel, you might be wondering about how billing for our Cloud Services works.

When using Rackspace Cloud Sites, your credit card will first be charged when you first sign up for the account. Your 30-day billing cycle begins on the day that you activate your account. After 30 days have elapsed, you will then be billed for the next month of service. The exact amount may vary as it is based on recurring charges in addition to whatever one-time fees you have incurred during the previous month.

This article will provide you with an overview of the billing resources available to you through our website and your Control Panel. You can use the following resources to help you manage and track the billing for your account:

Pricing pages and cost calculator

Each of the product pages on our website contains the most current pricing list, and each also has a cost calculator to assist you in estimating your monthly charges.


In the Cloud Sites Control Panel, you can access usage data by clicking Your Account > Reports in the left navigation pane. The Reports section opens to the Usage Data tab.

The Usage Data tab displays a usage summary for your account during the current billing period, up to 48 hours prior to the the current day.

  • In the top section, you can choose the current or previous billing periods to review your account usage.
  • The middle section shows the Actual Daily Usage for bandwidth, compute cycles, and disk space across the billing cycle.
  • The bottom section shows you the Daily Usage by sub account. If you do not have any sub accounts, it will display your main account totals. It shows usage for site files, Mysql and MSSQL databases, bandwidth, and compute cycles. Clicking on the column titles will sort the information below.


You can access billing information for Cloud Sites by clicking Your Account > Billing in the Cloud Sites Control Panel. This action opens the Billing & Payments section of the Cloud Control Panel. This section displays important information like your total outstanding balance, the date of your most recent invoice, and which credit card is being used for payments on the account.

  • The Recent Activity section lists a summary of your most recent invoice. This summary includes the date and amount of your most recent invoice and your current balance.
  • In the Payment Information section, you can update your billing information and change the credit card attached to the account.
  • The Billing History section displays a summary of your invoice history. Click an ID number for an invoice to view additional information or download the invoice in your preferred format.


The resources described in this article are always available to you through our website and through the Control Panel, and we hope you find them useful in managing the billing for your account. If you can’t find the information that you need by using these resources, or if you need a detailed billing inquiry, you can contact our Billing Support team. We are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. central standard time (CST), toll-free at 1 877 934 0410, or internationally at 1 210 581 0410.

The next article provides more information about how to get access to Rackspace Fanatical Support®.

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