Get started with Cloud Servers

  • Last updated on: 2018-05-16
  • Authored by: Rackspace Support

Welcome to Rackspace Cloud Servers! This guide provides everything that you need to get started, including logging into our Control Panel, creating servers, transferring domains to be hosted from your Cloud Server, and logging in to your server.

The following concepts will help you to get started quickly:

  • Cloud Servers are not traditionally hosted servers. Customers are given administrative access to virtual private servers that can be easily built and just as easily taken down.
  • Cloud Servers can resize capacity as your need changes. Billing is charged by the number of hours of use at a given rate for the size of server being used. For more information, see current pricing.
  • Customers have root access to Linux servers and administrator access to Windows servers.
  • The virtual servers are accessible through a remote connection client like Remote Desktop (Windows) or an ssh client (Linux). Both Windows and Linux servers are accessible through a web console from our Control Panel as well.
  • Customers can manage Cloud Servers through the Control Panel, or an Application Programming Interface(API).
  • The hardware that hosts your Cloud Server can be located in any of our data centers.


Cloud Servers usage scenarios

Basic Cloud Server operations

Advanced Cloud Server operations

Managed Services Cloud Server operations

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