Getting started with Cloud Files streaming

  • Last updated on: 2018-10-23
  • Authored by: Stephanie Fillmon

Streaming content through Cloud Files lets you deliver video content quickly and easily, without making your users download the content first. They can begin viewing your content immediately and can jump around the video stream without needing to buffer.

Because Rackspace uses HTTP delivery for streaming content, you can use the Akamai CDN network to deliver your content. This means that the performance should be identical to CDN speeds customers are used to. Before you begin, you must CDN-enable the container that holds your streaming content. In the Cloud Control Panel, click the gear icon of the container, and select Make Public (Enable CDN).

After your container is CDN-enabled, you need its streaming URLs. In the Cloud Control Panel, click on Storage > Files, and then click the gear icon for the container and select View All Links. Following is an example of the CDN links that display:

iOS Streaming:

Following are several different ways to stream your content with Cloud Files:

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