Getting RackConnect support

  • Last updated on: 2019-10-09
  • Authored by: Juan Perez

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Applies to: RackConnect v3.0 and RackConnect v2.0

RackConnect® is compatible with our dedicated Managed, dedicated Intensive, cloud Managed Operations, and cloud Managed Infrastructure service-level offerings, giving you the ability to select the level of support that you need to properly manage your hybrid environment. Your dedicated and cloud support teams are your first points of contact for any RackConnect issues that you encounter.

Additionally, RackConnect leverages your existing cloud and dedicated service-level agreements to provide you with support for your hybrid environment, and RackConnect does not include different service-level agreements than what you already have in place. In some cases, you might have different levels of support between your dedicated and cloud environments. For example, you might have dedicated Intensive service-level support for your dedicated devices, and Managed Infrastructure service-level support for your cloud servers. This means that although your dedicated Intensive and cloud Managed Infrastructure support teams can help you isolate and resolve issues within your cloud and dedicated environments, they will not be authorized to log in to your cloud servers to investigate issues.

As always, your service experience is our top priority. To ensure the best possible level of support, we recommend that you use our dedicated Intensive and cloud Managed Operations service levels for your RackConnect hybrid solution. These service levels provide you with higher levels of support for your hybrid environment.

For more information about our support service levels, see Dedicated service levels and Cloud service levels.

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