Design and Build Cloud Servers for Stability

  • Last updated on: 2016-09-23
  • Authored by: Joseph Palumbo

Developing a powerful application or a beautifully designed web interface is only part of the job when mission critical availability is necessary for your business. Following are some best practices that the support team at Rackspace has developed to keep your site highly available.

Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Backups

Even when you’re using cutting edge cloud technology, you have to remember the basics. Learn how to learn how to these two key features of the Rackspace Cloud can help you monitor, report, and restore your data in the cloud.

In addition to the Rackspace Monitoring, it is also useful to look at some of our partners that specialize in monitoring and reporting in the cloud. New Relic offers a performance management solution that enables developers to diagnose and fix application performance problems in real time.

RAID Configuration of Your Cloud Block Storage Volumes

Cloud Block Storage allows you a maximum of 14 volumes per Cloud Server and a maximum of 50 volumes per region. Although these volumes already offer a tremendous amount of stability, they can be configured in a RAID for extra redundancy.

Learn more about Cloud Block Storage best practices from this blog post.

Dynamic DNS and Multiple Configurations

Customers that are serious about uptime will duplicate their production configuration in multiple locations to use in case of major failures. A fast failover is possible when you use a Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service that will start sending your traffic to a different IP address if it detects a failure in your primary configuration. This second IP address can even be to a configuration in a different region for geographic redundancy.

Cedexis offers multiple solutions that can improve performance and availability by load balancing between multiple cloud regions.

Through an application-aware global CDN platform, Incapsula provides any website and web application with best-of-breed security, DDoS protection, and load balancing and failover solutions. Incapsula is available as a stand-alone service or as an integrated solution.

Load Testing

Enough cannot be said about the value of testing (and then re-testing) your application’s infrastructure before putting it into production. Load testing reveals potential failure points in the design of your infrastructure and opportunities to optimize your code, which can also help overall stability.

Rackspace has several partners that can provide this service, and a Rackspace support tech can help you analyze the results and make the right recommendations.


The Rackspace Hybrid Cloud can provide a number of benefits, among which is solid stability under the heaviest of traffic. Learn more about how RackConnect can help you build for and maintain the highest availability possible.

For more information, read How do I get started with RackConnect v2.0 and RackConnect v2.0 Best Practices.

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