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  • Last updated on: 2016-01-04
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Create a Cloud Server

When you are done using your server and are ready to delete it, you can do this through the Cloud Control Panel. If you have already saved a backup image of your server, you can use that image to create a new server at a future time. That server will be an exact clone of your current server at the time the backup image was saved, but it will have a different IP address.

Note: We recommend using Cloud Backup and Cloud Images before you delete your cloud server instance to provide options for recovering your server and its configuration at a later date.

Delete a server

To delete the server, click the gear icon next to in in the Cloud Control Panel and select Delete Server.

You are asked for confirmation before the server and its data are deleted forever.

All together, these administration tips and tools give you total control over your server, and provide some good troubleshooting resources. The next article describes how to build and configure a Cloud Load Balancer for directing traffic to multiple servers in a high availability solution. For detailed instructions, see Configuring a LoadBalancer.

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