Connect to a Cloud Database with a FQDN Address via MySQL Workbench

  • Last updated on: 2019-12-20
  • Authored by: Rae D. Cabello

Note: To complete this process, you will need both a cloud server and a cloud database.

Use the following steps to connect to Cloud Databases by using MySQL Workbench.

  1. Go to and install MySQL WorkBench. The following platforms are supported: Windows, Fedora, the Ubuntu operating system, Oracle and Redhat, and Mac OS X. Registration is required before you download.

  2. Launch MySQL Workbench, and select the New Server Instance option under Server Administration.

  3. In the next screen, select the Remote Host option and enter the URL that was returned to you when you created the database instance and click Continue.

  4. On the next screen, from the Connection Method menu, select Standard TCP/IP over SSH.

  5. Change the value for SSH HostName to the name or ip address of a Cloud Server that you have created and that is in the same data center as the database instance. For example, if the database instance that you created is in the DFW data center, select a cloud server in the DFW data center.

  6. For SSH Username, enter the user name that you use to log in to the cloud server that you just specified.

  7. For MySQL Hostname, enter the host name that was returned when you created the database instance via the API.

  8. For Username, enter the username that was created when you created the database instance.

  9. Click Continue. You are prompted for the database instance password. If everything is correct, the following information is displayed:

    • Confirmation of open database connection
    • Server version
    • Server operating system
    • Statement that database connection tested successfully

After the database connection is tested, the Server Administration screen is displayed. You can now work with your database instance.

Note: If you did not save your password, when you perform any actions, you will be prompted for the password to either the instance or the server.

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