Cloud Orchestration support for RackConnect v3.0

  • Last updated on: 2016-01-04
  • Authored by: Juan Perez

Rackspace Cloud Orchestration support for RackConnect v3.0 enables you to build a stack of RackConnect v3.0 cloud servers. It has them automatically provisioned on your RackConnect v3.0 cloud network, assigned public IP addresses, and automatically added to your dedicated load balancer pools. When you use Cloud Orchestration, the RackConnect v3.0 API calls needed to assign a public IP address to a cloud server and add it to a load balancer pool are handled by Cloud Orchestration.

Note: Managed Operations customers must provide ServiceNet along with the RackConnect network.

More details about Cloud Orchestration are available in the following documents:

Although an official RackConnect v3.0 heat template has not been released yet, an in-development template is available on GitHub at

If you have the heat client installed, you can also get more details about the RackConnect specific resources available with Cloud Orchestration by running the resource-type-show commands as follows:

heat resource-type-show "Rackspace::RackConnect::PoolNode"
heat resource-type-show "Rackspace::RackConnect::PublicIP"

Following is an example of the parameter and resource entries that you can use to create a RackConnect v3.0 heat template. These entries create a cloud server on a RackConnect v3.0 cloud network, add that cloud server to a dedicated load balancer pool, and allocate a public IP address to the cloud server.


    type: string
    description: The uuid of the RackConnect network to use
    - custom_constraint: ""
    default: "<RCv3_NETWORK_UUID>"

    type: string
    description: The uuid or name of the RackConnect load balancer pool to use
    - custom_constraint: "rackconnect.pool"
    default: <LB_POOL_NAME_OR_UUID>


  # Attaches the server to the configured RackConnect load balancer pool
    type: Rackspace::RackConnect::PoolNode
      server_id: { get_resource: server }
      pool: { get_param: rcpool }

  # Attaches a RackConnected public IP to the server
    type: Rackspace::RackConnect::PublicIP
      server_id: { get_resource: server }

  # Cloud server attached to a RackConnect network
    type: OS::Nova::Server
      image: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) (PVHVM)
      flavor: 1 GB Performance
          template: stack-server
            stack: { get_param: "OS::stack_name" }
      # Can only assign the server to a RackConnect network
      # and optionally ServiceNet. Cannot assign to the
      # PublicNet
      - uuid: { get_param: rcnet }
        rax-heat: { get_param: "OS::stack_id" }
        stack-name: { get_param: "OS::stack_name" }

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