Choosing DNS record types

  • Last updated on: 2018-10-23
  • Authored by: Rackspace Support

DNS uses different record types for different purposes. This article helps you determine which record type you should use when creating a DNS record in the Cloud Control Panel.


Use the A/AAAA name to point to an IP address. In simple cases, you may have only a single A or AAAA record as your base record pointing to a single IP address. However in most cases. you’ll have several A or AAAA records that point to different IP addresses.

Note: If you do have a base record (which is not actually required) it must be an A or AAAA record. For example, you could have as an A record that points to, and might be a CNAME record that points to Likewise, you might have a record pointing to

A is an IPv4 Address record.

AAAA is an IPv6 Address record. Use this record type only if your server has an IPv6 address to point to.


Use the Common Name (CNAME) record to point to another record.


Use the Mail Exchange (MX) record for mail delivery. For example, creating an MX record for would allow you to set up an email address like


Use the Name Server (NS) record to delegate an authoritative DNS server for a domain or subdomain.


Use the Server Locator record to designate a host and port for certain services, such as LDAP, for a domain.


Use the Text (TXT) record to store data types such as SPF or DKIM records.

This Wikipedia page provides a listing of resource records stored in the zone files of the Domain Name System (DNS).

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