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  • Last updated on: 2019-01-08
  • Authored by: David Hendler

This article describes the various administrative account changes that you can request and the appropriate steps needed to complete them.

Dedicated customers

Dedicated customers can download the Primary Contact Change form in the MyRackspace Control Panel. For instructions about how to find the form, see the Dedicated customers section of Change to a new primary contact.

If you are the current primary contact for your account, you can update the primary contact information by selecting and editing the Primary Contact Information in your Account Settings.

Request the Service Transfer form from your account manager.

All other customers

All other customers can find links to the forms described in this article by logging in to the Cloud Control Panel and selecting Account > Docs and Forms.

Service Transfer form requirements

The Billing team has strict requirements for processing the Service Transfer form for a Rackspace account. Use the following information to have the submission processed quickly and efficiently.

Page 1 - Account details

  • Transferring Customer / Assignor: Provide the current account information.
  • Accepting Customer / Assignee: Provide the new account information.

Page 2 - Signatures

  • Signatures must be from the owner or an officer of the company. No exceptions are allowed.
  • Transferring Customer / Assignor: Provide the signature of the current primary contact on the account.
  • Accepting Customer / Assignee: Provide the signature of the new contact or the existing contact if that is not changing.

Signature section details, including Transferring customer (Assignor) and Accepting customer (assignee) information

Do not fill out the RACKSPACE US, INC. section. A Rackspace representative completes this section.

Page 3 - Consolidated and / or Linked Cloud Accounts (Exhibit A)

In the Cloud Account Number and the New Cloud Account Name columns, provide the following information:

  • Cloud Account Number: Enter the account number.
  • New Cloud Account Name: Enter the new name of the account. Leave this blank if there is no change.

The Service Transfer and Primary Contact Change forms have many required fields that must be complete before the Billing team can process the forms. After you have completed the form, scan the document and attach it to the support ticket in the Cloud Control Panel or the MyRackspace Control Panel.

To avoid form rejection, use the following tips when completing the form:

  • The signatures on the Service Transfer form must come from an officer or an owner of the company.
  • The owner or officer must initial any changes regarding an increase in MMR or added devices or domains that are made to the form after the initial submission.
  • No blank fields are allowed on any form, except where indicated. You cannot type Same in any field.

Types of account changes

The following articles provide detailed information about what changes can be made to your account by using the Service Transfer Form:

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