Billing info displayed in unified control panel

  • Last updated on: 2013-01-23
  • Authored by: Rae D. Cabello

The Billing section of your existing control panel is moving to the Rackspace unified control panel. This is a first step towards incorporating Cloud Sites into the unified control panel.

Why have my billing pages disappeared from the Cloud control panel?

The Cloud Control Pane’s access to credit cards has been consolidated, and the billing pages have been moved to the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel.

How do I access my billing pages?

To open the Billing page, click on the Billing link under your account name.

The Open Cloud Control panel opens in a new window as shown in the following figure:

How do I get back to the original Cloud Control Panel after I am done with the Billing pages?

After you finish with the billing pages, close the browser window where the Rackspace Open Cloud Control Panel is displayed. Then, return to the browser session that is displaying the Cloud Control Panel.

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