Add domains with the Cloud Office Control Panel

  • Last updated on: 2016-01-18
  • Authored by: Mawutor Amesawu

To add a domain, log in to the Cloud Office Control Panel, and perform the following steps:

  1. From the Go to section menu, select Domains.
  2. In the Manage section, click Add Domain.
  3. If you have already purchased the domain, enter it in the Option 1 text box, and then click Continue. Skip to step 6.
  4. To register a new domain, enter the domain name in the Option 2 text box and select the top-level domain that you want (for example, .com or .net).
  5. Click Continue and confirm your domain purchase.

    Note: When you purchase a new domain, a verification email is sent to the email address on record. You must click the verification link in the email within 15 days to avoid any disruption to your domains. For more information, see Additional information about Registrant Benefits and Responsibilities.

  6. Use the drop-down menus under the services to add to your services.
  7. Note the potential billing changes, and if you agree, click Continue.
  8. Review your billing information and edit it as needed.
  9. Review your domain details. Click Back if you need to make any changes.
  10. To complete the upgrade process of adding a new domain, click Complete Order.
  11. Click Save.

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